4 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

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Weddings can be pricey! That’s no surprise to anyone who has gotten married, is engaged, or even just watched any TV programme featuring weddings. To many, the moment she said yes is the moment that the spending starts. So, what can you do to make your big day more affordable all the while still being as magical as ever? We have a post for you today and bring you 4 tips to save money on your wedding that will allow you to stay on budget and still have a beautiful wedding day.

Choose your rings online

Most people will tell you that the engagement rings should be something the groom should worry about but more couples are making the choice to shop for engagement rings together. The alternative to breaking the bank is opting for a more affordable option and finding your ring online. Shops like shesaidyes engagement rings, for example, can give you options based on your budget. You can opt for moissanite bridal sets like the ones below and they are all well under £1000!

Keep it simple

You may have thought that your wedding day had to be an ostentatious occassion, but it doesn’t have to follow the old traditions. Weddings were thought to be times when you spend a lot of money and show off your good taste by hosting a lavish affair. Nowadays couples are more mindful about the significance of the event and who they spend their special day with rather than how big the event was.

Do it yourself

Another thing that saves money and that couples choose to do is to make the party favours themselves. This along with the decorations are ways that you can not only save money but personalise the experience. Sometimes we have an idea in our minds, and can’t find what we are imagining in the shops, so it’s so much better, and more affordable to go the DIY route, and make the decorations yourself. You can also have your craftiest friends and family help you and get to spend quality time with them too.

Split the costs

Speaking of family and friends giving you hand, why not make the affair more affordable by splitting the costs. You don’t have to ask your friends or family for money but if they want to contribute monetarily, that can help you a lot too. There are a lot of cultures where families and even close friends all take a role. Someone will gift the bride and groom the wedding cake, for example, another person will organise the catering and some families even have someone who volunteers to pay for the wedding venue. This is a great way to get yourself to have a wedding that is affordable and without having to sacrifice on anything.

This may not be a very traditional approach in some cultures, but in many it is the way to go. It’s not a handout, but the wedding gift for the couple as opposed to a toaster or coffee maker you could do without.

So, there you have it. I hope that this post can help you find more affordable ways to get your wedding planned. Good luck.

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