5 Affordable Destinations To Consider For Your Next Relaxing Vacation

Whether you’re planning a family getaway or a solo trip to a foreign country, you probably already know that some destinations can be incredibly pricey. And with that said, other destinations will surprise you with their general affordability. 

So, if you’re hoping to save on your next vacation, you don’t have to search for the best deals that might have you buying into timeshare vacation holdings and later regretting the mistake. Even though timeshares come across as incredibly affordable options, they are quite the opposite in that regard.

Countless individuals soon find themselves searching for legal ways to get off timeshares. And if you’ve already bought in, you can get rid of Canto del Sol timeshare and others legally by finding a timeshare cancelation company. Moreover, you won’t have to fall prey to misleading bargains if you consider these affordable destinations for your next getaway. 


5 Affordable Destinations To Consider For Your Next Relaxing Vacation - Laos


If you’re a solo traveler, you can venture to Laos in Asia and keep your budget to around $30 per day. While that’s exceptionally pocket-friendly, you will also be pretty surprised to know that this particular destination is absolutely breathtaking. 

You can experience the jaw-dropping beauty of the renowned waterfall here for as little as $3, and other activities in the region are also exceptionally affordable. However, you should still budget when traveling to Laos, even though you can find a cheap hotel for as little as $5 per night here. You must budget for the main costs including flights, transport, meals, activities, and accommodation. 

5 Affordable Destinations To Consider For Your Next Relaxing Vacation - Vietnam


Vietnam is an incredible choice for a budget-friendly foreign getaway. The street food here is renowned, and there’s plenty of historical sites to view; your experience will definitely be enriching. 

And when it comes to costs, you can plan a vacation stay here for roughly $30 a day as well. The average living cost in Vietnam is pretty low, which is why accommodation, food, transport, and fun activities in the area won’t cost you much at all. 

5 Affordable Destinations To Consider For Your Next Relaxing Vacation - Cambodia


You could easily stay in Cambodia for as long as a month with as little as $1000. The average per day charge won’t set you back more than $25, which is exceptionally cheap, even for a family getaway. 

And there are tons of compelling reasons to visit Cambodia, from welcoming locals and experiencing the great lake of Tonlé Sap to tasting the world’s best rice and everything in between. Cambodia is a unique region that is culturally rich.

When visiting Cambodia, you can expect to pay around $5-7 for meals, $3-10 per night for accommodation, and roughly $6-15 for transport, depending on the distance and the vehicle. 

Planning A Budget-Friendly Getaway

Once you have chosen the destination, you must still budget carefully to ensure you don’t overspend. To do this, you should budget with slightly inflated estimates. This way, you will end up spending less than planned. 

Adding a few dollars to every cost will ensure your budget-friendly vacation is packed with fun experiences, comfortable accommodation, and you won’t need to worry about potentially overspending. 

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