Common Problems With Conservatories – The Five Things You Should Know

A lot of people are starting to add conservatories to their house or upgrade their current conservatories, and rightfully so. They are beautiful and represent a room that can brighten your mood at any time. Conservatories add some extra space, and they’re also very light and versatile.

Converting your existing conservatory roof can also make a big difference to your home. Companies like can show you what a difference a quality conservatory roof can make.

As with everything, of course, conservatories  do come with their own issues, and being aware of the pitfalls could help you prepare for them. Here are some common problems with conservatories that you will encounter.

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1. Extreme Temperature

Summer and winter are already hard enough to go through due to extreme temperatures. Still, conservatories make it even harder during these seasons.

Given that glass is a poor insulator, it lets too much heat inside during summer and leaks it out during winter. Because of that, it’s hard to stay in the conservatory during both of these seasons.

However, there is a solution to this – it can be solved by improving the insulation value of the structure. This means you can add insulated curtains to reduce the heat transfer. It can also be done by adding a good and solid roof, as well as replacing some of the glass with an insulating material.

2. Condensation

Condensation is not uncommon, and considering the room is made from glass, it doesn’t come as a surprise. It is very annoying, especially considering it will also stain the glass, thus lead to more cleaning requirements.

However, condensation can be avoided by having effective ventilation in place, and ventilation can be in form of air bricks or vents. Another solution would be closing the connecting doors, which can help the spread of water vapor inside the conservatory, thus preventing condensation.

common problems with conservatories: tile slated brown roof with window in it.

3. Leaky Roofs

The roof of the conservatory is a vital part, as it must protect the conservatory against the rain.

If it’s not built properly, the roof may be leaking, and that’s not exactly something to look forward to. So, if there’s water coming from the ceiling, a professional will be able to help.

4. Fading

If furniture is present in the conservatory, it may fade in color in time due to the UV sun exposure. Not only that the furniture can be affected, but other objects might also be ruined. This can make the whole conservatory look old and unpleasant.

As such, shading systems or conservatory blinds would prevent this from happening, thus maintaining a beautiful-looking conservatory.

5. Noise

The glass is thin, which means that it won’t be able to isolate the sound as good as you’d want it to. If you want protection against noise, then opting for double and even triple glazing could solve this problem. Heavy thermal curtains could also add some insulation.

Final Thoughts

These common problems with conservatories are very likely to occur at one point, and it’s better to be aware of them and prevent them by taking measures. Hopefully, this little guide was of help, and now you know what to expect when building a conservatory for your house.

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