5 Expert Design Tips for a Highly Productive Office

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Want to boost productivity in the office? We bring you 5 must-read expert design tips for improving focus and efficiency.

A well-designed office can have a huge impact on productivity, so it’s crucial to make your workplace the best it can be. When you consider the fact that you and your colleagues spend at least 40 hours a week in the office, it makes sense to inspire your team to do better work and be more productive each day.

A positive physical environment not only improves focus and efficiency but also worker morale. In fact, companies that go the extra mile to create a pleasant and comfortable workspace attract the greatest talent and earn the highest marks from employees.

Of course, one size does not fit all, but there are a number of things you can do to maximise productivity. Want to know more? Check out our top five expert office design tips for creating a more productive work environment.

Offer a Variety of Spaces

Today, office workers prefer to have a choice of different spaces that are suited to different tasks. This means providing private individual workspaces where employees can really focus, as well as group areas where people can collaborate better with their colleagues. Remember, it’s all about ensuring you get the most from each worker.

Quiet and secluded stations are important for privacy and getting no-distraction tasks done. Plus, some people perform better without disruptions and genuinely like to work alone. It’s also healthy and practical to have spaces where employees can come together for meetings and brainstorming sessions. You could have a variety of group spots for different purposes or just one that serves as a work and rest area.   

Let there be Light

If you have plenty of windows in your office, your co-workers will benefit from more natural light. Various studies have found that natural light exposure in the workplace results in happier and healthier workers, which helps to increase productivity. Limited to natural light? Don’t panic. There is another way. You could use smart glass walls to optimise daylight exposure. Large mirrors are also great for reflecting natural light around your workspace. Your lighting shouldn’t be overlooked either because bad general lighting can cause eyestrain, headaches and even fatigue.

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Choose Stimulating Colours

You might be surprised to learn that colour can influence your mood, emotions and brain function, and not always in a good way. As you can imagine, this can affect productivity too. If your space is filled with a mixture of bold or dark colours, it may be a bit overwhelming for some (or all) of your co-workers. That’s not to say you can’t go bright or deep with colour though.

For instance, you could have whiter than white walls and include sharp reds or yellows in certain areas for a much-needed injection of contemporary colour. Then again, a dark grey feature wall will work just as well for breaking up a plain white backdrop. You also need to think about flooring and furniture, and which shades will work well with your overall office colour scheme.

Additionally, you can also create a wall of fame for your employees. Keep the color of this wall different from others. It can become an attractive place for your employees to showcase their achievements. Keep it open for different things. For example, people can hang copies or buy fake ged certificates to boost their motivation. Likewise, others can showcase their art & craft or any writings. The main aim of this wall is to let people use this space to get motivated by showcasing their work or by looking at others’ inspiring work.

Showcase Your Brand

Although you want your team to feel free and comfortable, it doesn’t hurt to remind them what they are there to do. By branding your office, you’ll give your space an identity while sending out the right message. When designing your space, don’t forget to include your business logo, slogan and some positive brand attitude.

Whether you keep it simple by just injecting your company colours into the office design or want to showcase the quirky side of your brand with artwork and sculptures, anything is possible. The key is to evoke a connection with your brand and culture to create visual interest and make your environment appear more personal.   

Create a Comfortable Relaxation Area

Everyone has bad days and times when they need to de-stress, whether it be because of personal or work-related issues. And as you’ll know, it’s really difficult to stay focused and get down to business when your mind is on other things. However, when you provide your troops with a relaxation area, they’ll have a designated space to take some time out and get their mojo back.

A relaxation area can actually serve many purposes, such as a social spot, lunch space and even a meeting zone. It could be that you have one big open space with sofas and more traditional tables and chairs for work and rest. Depending on your workforce and their desires, you could make it more playful with beanbags or even a pool table. The more comfortable and relaxed your peers feel at work, the higher the chances they’ll work harder and to their best ability.

Planning a refurb or total office redesign to boost productivity? It’s worth consulting with a professional design firm to ensure you get it right first time. If you need some inspiration or want to work with industry experts, Office Principles has over 25 years’ experience in creating unique workspaces in the UK and Europe.

What are your thoughts on these expert design tips?


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