5 Healthy Snacks For Sweet Enthusiasts

Are you tired of hearing bad things about excess sweets consumption? Do you wish to indulge your enthusiasm for sweet sugary goodness while still maintaining excellent health? Do you have diabetes or some other health condition that prevents you from truly enjoying sweets?

This article brings you unique ideas about delicious and easy to make sweet snacks that will satisfy your craving, keep you in excellent physical condition and help you with digestion.

Healthy & Tasty Snacks

Most sweets are not healthy for excess consumption. Sooner or later, they bring harmful effects on your body. If you suffer from an existing medical condition like blood pressure or diabetes, there are some foods that you have to avoid. Sweet consumption can suddenly become a double-edged sword for people with diabetes. However, you do not have to swear off the sweets to remain healthy. There are certainly healthier options that will satisfy you without harming your body.

If you really want to snack on some food that is low in carbs and calories while still being packed with nutrients like vitamins and minerals, then you can try these products and enjoy!

No-Bake Low-Carb Energy Balls

Energy Balls are the perfect snack for a healthy bite. You can take them for breakfast and spend the whole day with topped-up vitality. Energy Balls taste like yummy cookie dough. They typically include nuts like almonds and cashews, which contain a lot of fibre and protein. Studies show that consuming tree nuts can help stabilise blood sugar. Energy balls come in endless varieties. You can make them with cocoa powder, flaxseeds, nut butter, coconut or protein powder.

Dark Chocolate

If you enjoy dark chocolate in moderation, it can help you satisfy your sweet tooth without harming your body. Dark chocolate is full of natural compounds commonly found in many fruits and veggies, called Flavonoids. It can help prevent insulin resistance, lower blood pressure and reduce heart problems in people with diabetes. Dark chocolate is highly nutritious and low in carbs. It protects you from the sun and helps improve brain function.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are some of the healthiest foods in existence. You can use them as ready-to-eat snacks any time of the day.

  • Pears are some of the best sources of fibre. They slow down sugar absorption in the bloodstream and help stabilise blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Apples also help lower blood sugar levels in the body and provide numerous other health benefits.
  • Red grapes have a high antioxidant content, which helps reduce oxidative stress on the body.

Trail Mix

Many convenient and healthy snacks are available for those with health conditions, but trail mix really stands out. It is convenient, portable and fully customisable. However, it may be better to make them at home because store-bought varieties are usually high in calories, carbs and sugar. Most recipes call for seeds and nuts rich in protein and fibre, like pecans, cashews, almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Banana Ice Cream

Banana ice cream is easy to make because all it requires is one ingredient – bananas. It is a good source of fibre and helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body. Bananas are one of the richest sources of nutrients. Banana ice cream also helps with specific digestion issues. However, its benefits extend beyond the physical. It can even prevent and overcome depression.

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