5 Home Office Ideas to Get You Inspired

With working from home set to become the norm for the foreseeable future, people across the globe are reinventing the way they work. In most cases, this means identifying a dedicated space in the house that is free from distractions. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a cozy office, and you may need to redecorate a little. The Water Tank Factory has a range of different sized tanks to fit any redesign project you might undertake. With that in mind, we take a look at some fresh home office ideas to redesign your space and turn it into a comfortable working environment.  

The Reclaimed Office 

Don’t break the bank buying flat-pack furniture that will look the same as any office in the world. You can give your space much more character and personality by shopping second hand. Thrift stores that specialize in furniture often have unique looking pieces that will be just right for your office. Often you will find an expensive piece, like an oak desk, or an antique bureau, and pay only a fraction of what it’s actually worth.

Keep It Minimal

Minimalism is all the rage these days, and it is very practical as well. But what exactly does it mean? Minimalism, in relation to home decoration, is the idea of using the space to its full advantage and only including necessary furniture. For an office, this means a desk and perhaps a set of drawers. It’s best for a minimalist office to have an open desk, with four legs that aren’t boxed in. This gives the feeling of space and allows you to stretch your legs.  

The Indoor Garden

Biophilia is the notion that we have an intrinsic connection to the patterns and forms of nature developed throughout our evolution, and biophilic interior design is becoming ever more popular. It entails bringing some of the outdoors indoors in the form of plants and garden aesthetics like weathered wood and decking. An indoor garden office will bring a sense of nature to your mind as you work and energize you with fresh oxygen.  

A Bright Colorscape

If you don’t get your home office’s design right, the chances are you will feel uncomfortable in it, and your work will suffer. Some people like dull neutral colors to help them concentrate on the work, but this might put other people to sleep. If you like to stay awake and alert while you work, consider painting the walls with a vibrant gloss. If you offset one wall against the other, it can offer a dynamic contrast to keep you interested all day long. 

Let There Be Light 

Another way to stay alert in your home office is to choose a space that has a lot of natural light. While this may not be possible due to restrictions in some homes, it’s a good idea to find a spot that has at least a window. Our circadian rhythms respond to sunlight, and this is important if we want to stay mentally and emotionally healthy in the long term. Natural light is also good for inspiration, and it keeps the electricity bills down.  

What do you think of these home office ideas?


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