5 Ideas to Help Find the Perfect Anniversary Gift

With summer weddings, come summer wedding anniversaries which means it’s probably time to start looking for the perfect anniversary gift. If you have an anniversary to celebrate this summer or need to find an anniversary gift for a special couple this post is for you. We have teamed up with Boomf to discuss the best wedding anniversary gifts so go now and get inspired.

5 Ideas to Help Find the Perfect Anniversary Gift

5 Ideas to Help Find the Perfect Anniversary Gift

Anniversary cards

You can’t go wrong with a lovely anniversary card. You may think it’s a simple gift, but it’s a huge gesture your significant other will appreciate as it’s something more personal and heartfelt (or cheeky!). Whether it’s an anniversary card for wife or husband finding the right words in a card is a pretty much perfect anniversary gift. But if you really think about it, it’s a staple gift because it’s a good gift. Cards are fun, and they’re great as you can keep them for years to come as a way to look back on the memories.

A flower bouquet

5 Ideas to help find the Perfect Anniversary Gift

In the spirit of keeping things traditional, another perfect anniversary gift you can always count on is flowers. Flowers and an anniversary card to get you out of a bind. While this can be seen as a quick fix, it’s a lovely detail that you can rely on as flowers tend to be readily available in many places and are beautiful and fragrant.

If you are picking up a supermarket bouquet turn the bouquet into a perfect anniversary gift by buying a vase to arrange the flowers in. If you want to make a truly unique bouquet buy 2 bunches of similar flowers or flowers whose colours match and arrange them yourself. This will make sure your flowers are unique to your beloved.

Oh, and don’t forget that once the flowers have wilted they can be used for potpourri, composted, or even used for confetti for an upcoming event.

Perfect Anniversary gift by year

Surely, you know that there is a tradition of giving gifts based on the lentgh of years a couple has been married. This tradition is said to go back as far as medieval times but didn’t gain momentum until the Victorian era. Either way, the value of each gift is meant to increase based on the time that has passed in the relationship. This was originally to show that the longer you were in the marriage the more successful your relationship was.

In case you are interested here’s a look at the perfect anniversary gift you should give by year:

  • 1st Anniversary: Paper,
  • 2nd Anniversary: Fiber,
  • 3rd Annniversary: Leather,
  • 4th Anniversary: Flowers,
  • 5th Anniversary: Wood,
  • 6th Anniversary: Candy,
  • 7th Anniversary: Copper,
  • 8th Anniversary: Bronze,
  • 9th Anniversary: Pottery,
  • 10th Anniversary: Aluminium,
  • 11th Anniversary: Steel,
  • 12th Annniversary: Silk,
  • 13th Annniversary: Lace,
  • 14th Anniversary: Ivory,
  • 15th Anniversary: Crystal,
  • 16th Anniversary: Wax,
  • 17th Anniversary: Furniture,
  • 18th Anniversary: Porcelain,
  • 19th Anniversary: Bronze,
  • 20th Anniversary: China,
  • 25th Anniversary: Silver,
  • 30th Anniversary: Pearl,
  • 35th Anniversary: Coral,
  • 40th Anniversary: Ruby,
  • 45th Anniversary: Sapphire,
  • 50th Anniversary: Gold,
  • 55th Anniversary: Emerald,
  • 60th Anniversary: Diamond.

Revisit the wedding venue

This will surely depend on where your wedding was held and how long ago your wedding was. If the time since your wedding is long enough why not indulge in a visit to the venue. If you had your reception or party in a lovely hotel, for example, then why not whisk your other half for a weekend away there? If you had your wedding in a reception venue at Town Hall you can do something like have a romantic picnic on the grounds. There are lots of lovely Town Halls around the country with beautiful gardens you can visit and relax on.

Do something unique to you!

One of the loveliest things a couple can do to commemorate their love,making it the ultimate and perfect anniversary gift in my opinion, is something unique to them. Whether that be a road trip across the country or a pub crawl in the city you met, it’s all more special when the couple’s anniversaries are as unique as them.

So, there you have it. We hope that these tips can help you find the perfect anniversary gift for either your other half or your a couple you are fond of.

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