5 Pool Lighting Tips for your Backyard and Swimming Pool

Night swims are a great way to relax at the end of a tiring day. A beautifully-lit backyard and swimming pool area can help in creating a peaceful ambiance that will help you to relax and unwind for a while. 

Aside from creating just the right atmosphere that you want to have, the right illumination in your swimming pool and backyard ensures safety for anyone who comes over to your house to uses your pool. 

Do you want to create a relaxing haven in your backyard? Here are some really great pool lighting tips for your backyard and swimming pool.

1. Light your Pool Deck 

You do a lot of activities in your pool deck area, so make sure that it is sufficiently lit to ensure everyone’s safety. Place lights around the pool deck and illuminate pathways during the evening so that people can safely navigate their way to and from the pool area. This one is definitely top of our pool lighting tips. And the great thing about pool deck lighting is that it gives your pool area a dramatic flair while promoting safety as well.

Do you want to enjoy a moonlight swim even when there is no moon? Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well, illuminate your pool deck from above to create the illusion of moonlight! If you have mature trees surrounding your pool, you can also install lights on the tree branches to create a moonlight illusion. You will see shadows from tree branches and leaves onto the pool area. If you do not have surrounding trees, you can create a similar effect by hanging lights from your roof gables. 

You can select inconspicuous and durable landscape lighting for this. While bulky lighting technology is more common for pool lighting, you can select small lights to add an intimate and poignant effect. Small lights will also work if you have plants around your pool or in your pool area. Those will give your surroundings a fantastic ambiance, in addition to keeping you, your family, and your guests safe during nighttime swimming.

2. Place Lights Strategically

Glare from your lighting will destroy the relaxing pool environment that you want to have, so make sure to place your pool lights very strategically. Avoid placing them on locations where they shine directly towards people’s eyes. 

You should also place two swimming pool lights facing each other to reduce glare. Having two lights pointing at each other will eliminate unsightly shadows making your pool clear and shadow-free. 

Another strategic location for your lights is to place them on walls. Wall lights really highlight the creative aspects of the landscape around your pool. Since they are usually small and well-hidden, wall lights are great for creating a dramatic light effect. It also helps that people don’t easily use the light source when you use wall lights.

You can install wall lights on textured walls, sitting walls, fire pits, etc. Make sure to enlist the help of professional electricians to ensure the correct and safe installation of your wall lights. 

You should also consider installing a dimmer, which will allow you to control the light levels. Whether you are in a party mood or a relaxing mood, a dimmer can help in creating the perfect mood lighting that you want. There are dimmers that can even be operated using a smart device. 

3. Illuminate your Backyard

Make sure that you have the right illumination not just for your swimming pool but for your entire backyard area as well. This will help make your backyard an even more an enjoyable environment. 

To start off, you should use different types of lighting, such as candles and lanterns. You can also use yard orbs or garden orbs to create a more sophisticated look for your backyard. 

String lighting is another type of lighting that will look really great in both your backyard and swimming pool area. Do not just limit yourself to hanging lights over the pool. You can also hang them over plants and trees. Or you can even use string lighting to provide functional light inside pergolas or over a swimming pool. This is a really simple and inexpensive way to beautifully illuminate your swimming pool and backyard. 

Want to turn your pool into a tropical getaway? Tiki torches and lamps are perfect design touches that will instantly turn your pool area into a tropical paradise. Instead of the oil and wick tiki torches, you can go with tiki torches instead, with switch-on light as an even safer option.

Make sure to layer your lights as well. A good tip is to use lighting fixtures that will accentuate key features in your backyard. You can tone down the surrounding areas with more subdued lighting, or you can install warm lights to create a dramatic effect. 

You should also consider fire pits for autumn and winter evenings. With fire pits, you can have both light and heat at the same time. These will allow you to enjoy your backyard throughout the year. 

4. Use LED Lighting

LED lighting is an environmentally-friendly option that is a much safer, sturdier, and more energy-efficient option compared with incandescent bulbs. LED lights are bright and can last for as long as 30,000 hours without needing to be replaced very often. 

Although LED lights might be more expensive at first, they definitely turn out to be cheaper in the long run since they can last for a long time. With its many benefits, LED lighting is one of the best ways that you can beautifully illuminate your swimming pool and backyard areas. 

5. Explore Solar Lights

Solar lights are a fantastic eco-friendly lighting option that you can use for your swimming pool and backyard. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of them even come with built-in light sensors that automatically turn on come nightfall. 

Always keep in mind that similar to solar pool heaters, solar lights rely on sunlight. So during bad cloudy weather, your solar lights may not shine all that brightly. 

The right lighting can give your outside space the proper illumination it needs and make your home look finished and really put-together. Most importantly, sufficiently lighting your swimming pool and backyard also ensures the safety of your family and friends. 

We hope you enjoyed these pool lighting tips!

Holly is a freelance lifestyle writer. Her focus now is to help readers update their interior decor. Holly is currently writing for Land of Rugs.


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