5 Reasons to visit Innsbruck, Austria

Any avid traveller will tell you that instead of making new year resolutions they will find themselves making travel plans, myself included! There’s a vast world out there so it would be a shame to not try and see some as much of it as you can. At the top of my 2020 travel wishlist is Innsbruck, Austria and in this post I share with you 5 reasons to visit Innsbruck Austria.

This winter sports destination is nestled in the Austrian Alps and has so much to offer everyone. Check out Innsbruck.info for more information. And if you think it’s all Alps and skiing, don’t worry, I don’t practice winter sports either. If you’re like me and wondering why you should visit Innsbruck Austria check this post out!

The Golden Roof / Goldenes Dachl

Make your way to the old town of Innsbruck to see some of the city’s most popular attractions. Or better yet, why not see the most popular attraction in Innsbruck – the Golden Roof, or Goldenes Dachl. This balcony was used by Emperor Maximiliam I and his wife, Bianca Maria Sforza to observe festivals and events in the square below. The roof was completed in 1500 and even though it appears to be made of gold, it is fire-gilded. This means that gold was adhered to the copper. This doesn’t make it any less impressive though!

Ambras Castle

We can’t discuss Imperial times without talking about the wonder that is Ambras Castle. With vast gardens, waterfalls, and even roaming peacocks it’s no wonder why people flock to see this castle. Mention of the castle has been found in documents dating back to 10th century. There is thought to have been another castle in it’s place but it was destroyed in 1133. No traces of this castle remain, but it’s said that some of the original material has been used for the current castle.


The Nordkettenbahn, or Nordkette cable car is the best way to make your way to Nordkette, the southernmost mountain chain of the Northern Limestone Alps. You can either use the cable car to go up and see the sights, like me. This journey takes about 20 minutes and you can stay on and make your way to the top, or stop off at the various stops. Each stop has different activities available. One of them being the Bergisel ski jump!

Swarovski Kristallwelten

I know what you’re thinking – is that any relationship to the beautiful Swarovski gems? Indeed it is. Located only 20km East of Innsbruck is the Swarovski factory. This fantasy world, or Giant, was created by artist André Heller. This world of wonder was made to celebrate Swarovski’s hundredth anniversary in 1995.

The realm of the Giant is broken down into 17 Chambers of Wonder and each houses a stunning collection of precious items. From The Timeless, a gallery that tells us the history of Swarovski to the magical Crystal Dome. There is so much to see!

Maria-Theresien Strasse

If you prefer to sit at a cafe and do some people watching then the Maria-Theresien Strasse is for you. This road, named after Empress Maria Theresa is one of the busiest in Innsbruck. It is a pedestrianised street, making it easier to amble about on without worrying about your safety.

I hope this post has helped you see why I want to visit Innsbruck Austria, and why you should too! If you’ve been there before, then why not share your favourite sights and travel tips in the comments below.

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