5 Simple and Soothing Decoration Ideas that Help You Relax

Did you know that wall paint and finishes, lighting options, wall art, and other interior design elements can influence your mood?According to research conducted by Magnet Kitchens, over 80% of Brits believe paint colours can have a positive effect on our mood and well-being, while more than a third say pastel colours are most likely to evoke happy feelings. Paints aren’t the only elements that influence mood, promote relaxation, and help you unwind. There are more. In this post we share with you 5 simple and soothing decoration ideas that help you relax.

1. Consider Pink

5 Soothing Decoration Ideas that Help You Relax - pink living room paint

So we’d be starting with paint. Using certain colours around the home can promote relaxation and calmness. And one such colour is pink. While pink may seem like one of those colours associated with girls’ bedrooms, using it around the home can add a touch of warmth and playfulness to a space. Use pink in the living room and bedroom. It is warm and comforting and has calming effects on people.

2.   Try installing wallpaper in the kitchen.

5 Soothing Decoration Ideas that Help You Relax - floral kitchen wallpaper

When you think of wallpapers, what comes to mind? The sitting room and probably your room, right? But what if we told you that installing wallpapers in your kitchen has many aesthetic and soothing benefits? Plus, it allows you to transform the look of your kitchen whenever you deem fit.

Lacking inspiration?

You can try installing a tranquil blue backdrop with pops of soft yellow and sugary pink throughout your kitchen. The setup is sure to calm your nerves, especially during those mornings when you are running late. 

3.   Incorporate nature

5 Soothing Decoration Ideas that Help You Relax - butterfly insect art

Are you a lover of nature? Do you love basking in the presence of beautiful greenery? If so, why not incorporate nature into your interior design? It’s therapeutic and calming.

Incorporating nature into your interior design helps reduce anger, fear, and stress. Plus it increases pleasant feelings, making it an idea every homeowner should consider. You can add nature to your interior by featuring a collection of framed insects on wallpaper and installing it in a strategic area in your home. You can also do this by adding forest-based décor items. Or you can grow plants indoors.

4.   Go rustic

5 Soothing Decoration Ideas that Help You Relax - rustic decor

After a hectic day outdoors, you’d want to return to a calm and soothing home.

If you intend to renovate your kitchen, implement a rustic scheme. Go for open window shelving, industrial touches, flagstone flooring, and shaker-style cabinets. Rustic design setup creates a relaxing atmosphere that promotes relaxation and peace. 

5.   Declutter

5 Soothing Decoration Ideas that Help You Relax - declutter

Clutter is associated with many conditions, including depression, stress, decreased productivity, and anxiety. In fact, research published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology discovered that clutter has a negative effect on overall well-being.

To make your home more relaxing, soothing, and comfortable, the clutter must go. This includes plastic food containers, mismatched utensils, books, magazines, etc. Try to store those that are important in proper storage. And discard those that aren’t.


Incorporating certain design ideas into your home can create a relaxing and unwinding atmosphere. Simple additions like soft lighting, comfy furnishing, and natural elements can contribute to a calming space. Ensure you pay attention to the design and feel of your home for the best results.  

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