5 Spring Essentials and Styling Options

The beautiful days of spring are here along with their sunny skies, long days and refreshing energy. And during this time, we know you want to feel as good as possible. Along with the energy and positivity that spring brings, it also gives you the opportunity to play around with your fashion choices and boost your confidence through your outfits. In this article we have some essential items that you can style and feel your best in this spring. Read along and get ready to add the joy of this season to your wardrobe.

Table of Contents – 5 Spring Essentials and Styling Options


First item you should get ready to style is a pair of sunglasses. As beautiful as the sun is, you don’t want it in your eyes, so sunglasses become an essential item as soon as spring starts. For some good styling options you should have a neutral pair of sunglasses that go with anything and an accent pair that you can make the star of your outfits. Play around with these two and have fun with your spring looks.


The first ray of sunshine gives you the first opportunity to put on a dress and get into the flower power mood of spring. Dresses are staple pieces in your spring and summer wardrobe as they can be worn with other layers during windy days and on their own as the temperature gets more permissive. Pair a flowy dress with a cardigan and your favorite sneakers and you’ve got the perfect chill and stylish look for any spring day.


Now that we opened up the subject of layering, our next suggestion is to add some sweaters to your spring essentials. A wool sweater like the ones here: https://www.gaelsong.com/prod_detail_list/apparel-knitwear will allow you to add a comfortable outer layer that regulates your body temperature and helps you adapt to the changing weather. You can pair them with jeans, trousers or skirts depending on the occasion. They double as a great accessory wrapped on your shoulders in case the weather gets warmer.


Every season has a specific pair of shoes that work perfectly with the vibe of that season. For winter you have the classy boots, summer has its sandals and autumn its oxford shoes. Spring is the perfect season for sneakers. They work well with dresses, smart looks and jeans and they are perfectly comfortable for the spring weather.

Graphic T-shirts

Last but not least, a staple piece for any season, but a great one to style during spring: graphic t-shirts. Get a colorful graphic tee and wear it with a pair of biker shorts, your boots or sneakers. Add sunglasses and a cool jacket and you’ve got yourself a really stylish spring look that takes no effort to put together. Graphic tees can be paired with pretty much anything which makes them great for days when you have no inspiration.

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