5 Simple Tips for Surviving a Business Trip


The number of business travelers continues to increase, with some of the latest statistics revealing that well over a half-million took a business trip in 2016. Having to suffer through potentially long flight delays, cramped hotel rooms, jet lag and possibly enduring all that time in close quarters with co-workers and your boss, isn’t exactly a vacation. So how do you survive all that? You may not only be able to make it tolerable but perhaps, even fun.

Take Good Care of Yourself

If you don’t take care of yourself first, meaning consuming nutritious fuel and staying hydrated, you’re bound to feel a lot more stressed and less energetic. Sip water as often as you can and don’t allow yourself to get too famished. If your company doesn’t already provide healthy snacks, consider putting in a suggestion to management to set up healthy snack delivery as it’s a win-win for both, with healthier employees better able to focus and more productive. If it’s implemented in time, bring some along with you for those times hunger pangs hit when only junk or nothing at all is available.

Avoid Heavy Drinking

Never overdo it with the alcohol. It can lead to a hangover that will make it challenging to work. As well as creating plenty of embarrassment that can ultimately harm your career. Not to mention making it quite awkward to face your co-workers the next day. The key is moderation, stick to one or two drinks and you’ll be grateful in the morning. It will make it easier when it’s time to network, listen to an important speaker or make a presentation.

Try to Squeeze in Some Fun

Hopefully, you’ll have at least some extra time to yourself, and no matter where the destination, there’s bound to be something to do other than work. Do some research online to discover the most popular attractions, hot nightlife spots or even outdoor adventures for scheduling in a bit of fun.

Group excursions can provide the chance for a little team bonding time too. Just don’t consider the trip your own personal holiday, after all, a business trip should be primarily about business and you don’t want to run the risk of poor behavior getting back to management.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

There are some items that can potentially save your sanity on a business trip with co-workers. For example, use earplugs when you need to block out a loud or snoring roommate or sleep on a flight. Bring headphones and use them when you’re in desperate need of time to yourself. Consider it the universal sign for “I’m not in the mood to chat right now”. Since this isn’t a personal holiday, be sure to pack appropriate clothing too. Bring a couple of smart travel outfits that don’t wrinkle easily, think professional yet comfortable.

Choose to Have a Positive Attitude

No matter how rough, it’s up to you to choose a positive or negative attitude. Positivity can go a long way in making inevitable bumps less challenging. Anticipate delays ahead of time. Plan to be early just in case, and put on a smile during difficult times, perhaps the ultimate key to surviving business travel.

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