5 Tips to make post Covid travel a success

If you are a long term reader of the site, you will know that this is an expat and travel lifestyle site. But as you know, with what we have been going through worldwide the world has taken more of a focus on home life. Now that the world seems to be opening up we are eager to travel more than ever. But whether you are considering travelling now or when it’s even safer to do so, we knew we had to write a travel post to help you get into gear for your upcoming holidays. Since we may be out of practice when it comes to going on holiday, we have 5 tips for you to help get you prepared to travel and to do so right.

Stay safe on the road

If you are going to stay closer to home and going to have a staycation you will probably get there thanks to your car. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your car is in the best shape. During this time we may have just been using our car to get to and from work or to go to the shops, so it’s important to make sure that all of the essential components and our overall car maintenance is up to par.

Protect your house

Aside from our personal safety, which of course is paramount, we should also consider making sure our home in remains secure and safe. Sure, we can install security cameras to help us keep an eye on things, but a better option would be making sure our home is secure all the time. There’s a variety of things that you can do to keep the home safe.

For example:

  • Install security cameras,
  • Buy high security doors for your front and back entrances,
  • Get an alarm system, or
  • Hire a house sitter.

Plan a budget

We may want to make the best of our newfound freedom and enjoy our travel to the fullest, but try and be sensible. Not only should we be sensible when it comes to the destinations that we choose to travel to, or the safety precautions that we take, but we should also be sensible with our spending. It’s easy to want to splurge but consider planning a budget and sticking to it.

Consider staying closer to home and planning a weekend getaway instead of going away for an entire week. Also think of a holiday that is going to be fun for all the family from the kids to the adults. We have all been indoors for a long time that it’s only fair for everyone in the family to enjoy the holiday.

On that note …

Plan an itinerary

It’s really fun to get together as a family and plan an itinerary that is going to work for everyone. Whether your famiily is a familly of 2 adults, you are a couple with kids, or you are a single parent, making sure that everyone has a say is sure to help the plans go smoothly.

As you can see, the tips are simple, but if you haven’t been travelling like you are used to, then sprucing up your travel habits with our tips will certainly help!

If you have any more tips to share do let us know in the comments or on social media. Safe travels!

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