5 Top House Paint Design Trends

Wondering what the latest house painting trends are? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll outline some of the most common trends in home painting, with tips on how to keep your home looking fresh and new, so get your paint brushes ready!

Choosing paint colours is one of the most important decisions when it comes to renovating or updating a room. Take help of a professional for better results, you can find many experts in Mesa, Arizona. We all know that “less is more” when it comes to colour, so you can go with two colours (one for accents).

Pure as pastel

Pastels are a very popular trend and are airy and bright while still using colour. They were also quite popular in early modernism movements. You can go very bold or go very subtle with pastel colours. In some cases pastels can even be used to create a neutral feeling, just simply add accents of contrasting colour. Hire professional house painting Mesa AZ, contractor, to get it done in your budget. Similar colours such as light blue, green and yellow can be used to add more depth to the room. 

Brown tones 

The brown trend is extremely popular. Brown tones are not only used for accenting but can also be used to create the base of the colour scheme. Some people also go with lighter and darker combinations  of brown or even mix it with other colours. Generally, this trend is very calming which is a great choice if you want a calm neutral tone in your home.

Mixed Colours 

One of the coolest trends that has been noticed lately is to use different shades of colours in one room while having the same colour in another room. This can be achieved by using different tones of the same colour such as white, grey or black in one room, and then using the same colours with a different shade, for example, a darker shade of grey or blue. This is also very popular in hotels and restaurants.

We have noticed great popularity for painting dining rooms in different transition colours like grey for example. This is a very cool trend! You can use grey as a transition colour in your dining room, and then use a lot of wood, beautiful lighting and open up space. This will make your dining room look bigger than it is.

Colour Palette 

It’s important to consider your overall colour palette when it comes to painting. Your palette will mostly depend on your style but it’s often helpful to think about palettes in terms of “colour temperature”.

• Warm colours are vibrant and energetic, bringing life into a room. Warm colours include red, yellow and orange.

• Cool colours have a calming effect. They can also be associated with sophistication as they tend to be reminiscent of pastels. Cool colours include blue, green and purple.

That being said, there is no right or wrong way to choose your colour palette! We’re pretty sure you’ll know better than we do what kind of mood you want to create in your home so go ahead and pick some warm or cool tones according to your taste!


When it comes to painting colours, there are not too many rules or trends. It’s really all up to personal preference! If you like pastels and coral tones then go for those. If you’re a fan of sophisticated shades of grey with white accents then that’s what you should achieve as well. The same goes for any other hue and hue combination that suits your taste and home decor.

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