5 Tricks To Make Your Bed Look And Feel Brand New

One of the most used items of furniture in your home is your bed. It provides a comfortable place where you can sleep, watch a movie or relax after a long day. As it is used so frequently, there is no reason why it shouldn’t look and feel fantastic every day. But over time, we can all get a little lazy which can result in our beds looking unappealing and feeling uncomfortable. Your bed should promote a calm and relaxing sleeping environment and look incredible every time you enter your bedroom. So to breathe some new life back into this vital piece of furniture, try using some of these tricks.

double bed - multi coloured bedding and large gold coloured headboard.

Make your Bed: Create a DIY headboard

A fun and creative way of giving your bed a brand new look is by creating your own DIY headboard. These simple but effective pieces can make your bed look more attractive and the possibilities are truly endless. You could use shelves, old wooden pallets or just hang some of your favourite photographs on the wall behind your bed. Or you could hang a large piece of patterned fabric behind your bed or an oversized print.
Think about the colours and textures you like and look online for DIY headboard ideas that could work within your space you have available. Always remember to measure and follow instructions carefully to get the best results possible.

Add throw cushions

Throw cushions or pillows not only boost the comfort of your bed, but they can also make it look more luxurious. If you look online or in magazines at luxury bedrooms, they will almost always have throw pillows on the bed. So start thinking about how many you can use on your bed. If you have a single bed, you will only need a couple, whereas with a double or kingsize bed you can go more over the top.

Think about your current decor and the bed linens you own so you can decide what colours and prints will work well with them. If you have a neutral background to work with, why not choose colourful patterns and a photographic print for your throw cushions. As well as choosing pillows that look good also make sure they can offer comfortable support when you’re trying to go to sleep.

Brand new white bed with black headboard.

Buy a new mattress

The whole purpose of your bed is to help you get a good night’s sleep. So if it keeps you up at night or doesn’t give you the support you need, it might be time to buy a new mattress. It’s recommended that you change your mattress every eight years. So if yours is over this age, this might be why it’s causing you so much trouble. Research different styles of mattresses and suppliers such as Luxury latex mattress from John Ryan by Design to find the perfect one for you. With a more suitable mattress, you can sleep more soundly and enjoy going to have a lie down instead of loathing it.

Make your bed in a different way

Making your bed can be a chore and the more you do it, the less precious and careful you will be. Mixing up the way you make your bed will make it more exciting and less mundane. So research new and exciting ways you can use to make your bed. They may include neatly folded corners, layering with blankets and or rolling your duvet back.

Experiment with a few techniques until you find one that works. You may find some are more time consuming or difficult to create than others. Change this up every couple of months so you don’t get fed up too quickly. You’ll spend all day thinking about how beautiful your bed looks with little effort.

large bed in colourful bedroom.

Invest in quality bedding

If the bedding you are currently using looking past it’s best you are never going to create a nice area that looks and feels like new. So instead of going for low-quality bedding that doesn’t last, invest in some higher quality linens instead. Check the thread count of your sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover to ensure you’re buying the softest option available.
Also, colour block your bedding by combining different bold colours together. Again you will probably need to experiment but doing this can really make a statement.
With these tricks to help you, your bed will look so appealing you will never want to get out of it. If it’s messy and uncomfortable it can prevent you from having the essential sleep you require each night. So make sure it continually looks fabulous and feels amazing.
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