5 Very Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Bathroom


Creating a bathroom you love doesn’t have to be a challenge. These easy home improvements are sure to help you brighten up your bathroom and enjoy every single day. Whether you repaint your walls or bring in some glass candle holders, it’s easy to lighten up your entire space and renovate for an entirely new feeling.

Brighten up your bathroom: An Ornate Frame

Sometimes, the only thing you need to do to liven up your bathroom is to bring in a stylish frame for your mirror. From embossed, gold-plated frames to sleek, silver borders, it’s easy to find a frame that suits your style. With items like these, you’ll easily brighten up your bathroom and entice your teenagers out of bed every morning.

One of the easiest ways to obtain a frame you love is to revamp one you already have. Pick out a trendy paint colour like robin’s egg blue or bright red to create a statement and brighten up your decor. After using painter’s tape to protect your mirror, you can cleanly paint over an old frame and have a stunning decor item that may as well be new.

If you’d like a reflective border, it’s possible to find spray paint that’s specifically designed for a flashy finish. However, it’s also possible to purchase quality mirror frames online and in stores without all the hassle of a DIY project.

Brighten up your bathroom: Repaint Those Walls

Wall colour can be one of the most influential design choices, making this an essential consideration when lightening up your bathroom. Although you may have chosen a dark, romantic magenta or a trendy burgundy, it may be time to choose another colour.

Additionally, don’t forget about the ceiling. Although it’s fine to leave your ceiling white, a painted ceiling can look extra stylish and stand out with vibrancy and contemporary flair. Whether you pick an offbeat colour like mustard or you’d like a traditional pale blue, your ceiling deserves some extra attention.

Glass Candle Holders

Candle holders are the perfect way to turn your bathroom into a chic paradise without a ton of extra effort. From pillar candles and hurricane holders to tea lights and glass dishes, there are nearly endless options for your bathroom candle collection. If you don’t have enough space on your bathroom counter, consider bringing in a stool or installing some floating shelves.

Moreover, this comes with the added benefit of relaxing, candlelit nights in the bathtub. With elegant glass candle holders, it’s easy to create some illumination and enjoy your home at all hours of the day.

Potted Plants

Some plants can work great in humid environments, especially if your bathroom has a steady source of light like a skylight or window. With plenty of options for bathroom-friendly plants, it’s easy to create a stylish, relaxing oasis in your home.

Aloe vera is certainly a charming and fashionable choice for your bathroom, with its long leaves and sculptural form. It even has medicinal qualities that make it perfect to have on hand in any situation. Plants like these will make your bathroom feel fresh, lively and illuminated.

Reflective Accessories

If you’re up for installing new furniture and replacing old accessories in your bathroom, it could be time to focus on something shiny. Check out your local furniture store for bathroom cabinets that incorporate glass into the design. Likewise, you may be able to find stools with geometric glass feet or lucite panels.

From cabinet knobs to vases, it’s easy to incorporate reflective materials and brighten up your bathroom. With several small reflective pieces, even a bathroom that lacks a natural light source can still feel open and fresh.


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