5 Ways for Women to Beautify Their Homes on a Budget

If you’re a woman who entertains often, you might want to impress your guests by showing off a home into which you’ve put a lot of time and effort. Let’s say you’ve become a homeowner for the first time, and you don’t have a ton of money to decorate your new domicile. You want to show off your living space, though, and maybe make your friends and family members just a bit jealous.

If you’re trying to decorate on a budget, creativity can help you do that. Our list of tips can assist you as well.

You Can Add Some Crown Molding

Before we get to our list, we should point out that you only want to install safe home additions. You don’t want to have some modern art in your living room that’s going to come crashing down on your guests while you’re serving them cocktails. If that happens, you might face a personal injury lawsuit, and that’s the last thing you want.  

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to our tips. First off, you might want to put in some crown molding if your rooms look drab. It’s pretty inexpensive to purchase and install.

Simply put, crown molding can make a room look finished and refined. Without it, a room can look cheap and unadorned, and that can be especially problematic if that’s one of the main spaces in which you entertain. If you’re ambitious, you might attempt to install the molding yourself as a DIY project, but it’s more likely you’ll want to hire a pro for the job.

You Can Upholster an Old Chair Yourself

You can often find old chairs at Goodwill or other secondhand stores. Some of them will probably not cost you very much, though they may not be very attractive.

You can change all that by upholstering them yourself. You can go to craft stores and get cloth bolts to cut into the appropriate sizes and shapes. They also come in dozens of different colors, so you can use them to create whatever kind of a feel for your room that you desire.

You can watch some YouTube videos that will show you how to upholster an old chair with the fabric you purchased. All you need is a pair of scissors to cut that fabric into the right shape and a staple gun to attach it to the chair in the proper places.

You Can Paint

Nothing matters in a room more than color. Some house hunters will shun a property entirely if they walk around inside it and they think the paint colors are ugly.

That’s an easy enough fix, though. You can choose whatever paint colors you feel will best match the living space, your accessories, and personality. If you paint the walls in an unusual color, that’s fine, but you may have to repaint in a more ordinary tone when the time comes that you want to sell.

If you don’t have much money in your decorating budget, you might have to be a little patient until the paint store has a sale. You can always keep an eye on stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s. They often have holiday sales when you can swoop in and get the paint you want at an extreme discount.

Look Into Some Attractive Window Treatments

Like rooms without crown molding, those with windows but no window treatments look jarring to the eye. That’s because you expect to see curtains or blinds.

Blinds are easy enough to get and don’t cost very much, but they seldom give a room much personality. You can dress a room up a lot more with some decorative, colorful curtains. Like the fabric you buy to upholster an old chair, curtains are easy on the wallet, and you can also create your own if you know how to use a sewing machine.

Use Throw Pillows

Pillows are another accessory that doesn’t cost very much, and you should be able to find some either online or at stores like Ikea or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Look for sales, but if you’re shopping in stores like Ikea, their usual prices are not that much anyway.

You can set up the pillows you find so they add color and pizzazz to your living room, den, or bedroom. Pay special attention to where you’ll entertain your company, though. That’s where you want your new home to really shine.  

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