5 Ways I’d Make My Spanish Flat More Like an English House


Interiors are my thing. Like, seriously. I love and have always loved interior decor and design, especially a good design makeover project. Going shopping for adornments for my abode has always been more appealing than going shopping for adornments for myself. If you’re a regular around these parts you’ll probably know that we are spending the winter in Spain.

Hello, who wouldn’t?! Anyway, our Spanish flat is a rental and it’s super cute… but it’s not really my style. Spanish houses are so different from English ones and they take some getting used to. I want to make my Spanish flat more like an English house! There are many things I love about them, but a little bit of English flair wouldn’t go amiss.

Anyway, I’ve always done this thing where I’ve daydreamed about making over people’s houses. I even do this with the kids and the hubby now and we have such a laugh when we do it. Lately, I’ve been spending lots of time thinking about how I would make over my current flat if it were ours.

I usually go wild on the imagination front and knock out walls, build extensions, and even acquire neighbouring properties to add to the square footage. On this occasion, I wanted to share the realistic ways that I’d give my rental flat a decor and design makeover.

Design Makeover – The Kitchen

My kitchen is tiny. If I showed you guys you’d laugh! The kitchen is so small that if I stand right smack in the middle I can go from cooking to washing dishes by doing the twist. If I could, I’d knock down the wall that contains my tiny kitchen and relocate it to the opposite side of the room.

I’d do so by creating a conservatory in my small balcony to bring the light and airy feel into the flat. Losing the balcony would be a bit of a shame, but it would maximise the space and create an area where the best of the outdoors and the indoors come together.

Another option would be to get rid of the closet (I know, the sacrilege). By creating an open plan living area I can keep the balcony and incorporate it into the dining space.  I would swap out the sliding door for a more contemporary trade bifold door. 

Bifold doors make the most of a small space by giving you a bigger area between your outdoor and indoor spaces. That seamless feel is perfect for a place like the Costa del Sol where the outdoor lifestyle is the norm. I’m quite impressed with the offerings that bifold doors can provide – an array of colour selection and full customization of the number of doors, it’s brilliant!

The Walls 

The walls here tend to be quite bare. Sure, one can always adorn them with some wallpaper or artwork but before any of that took place I would get rid of the texture. Popcorn walls, like popcorn ceilings, belong in the 80’s and not in a modern home. Skirting board is another change I’d make. The current skirting board is one that appears to be made of the remnants of the tiles on the floor and it’s just not something that I could get used to.

Lambs Tongue skirting is one of my favourite options as its variance between rounded, angular, and square edges make it quite adaptable to different decor styles. A cheap skirting board that is affordable in price is not necessarily cheap in quality, so it’s definitely a worthy addition to the home.

5 Ways I'd Make My Spanish Flat More Like an English House

Design Makeover: The Bathroom

Moving the kitchen to a new location would give me some wiggle room in regards to the bathroom. The bathroom is functional, it even houses our washing machine. It does the trick, but I do dream of having a soaking bathtub in there.

Ideally, I would turn the existing kitchen area into a separate toilet and sink area with plenty of storage cupboards. Then, I would make the existing toilet/shower a wet room, with a soaking tub and separate shower. Lastly, the hallway cupboard would house the washer and tumble dryer. I suppose wishful thinking doesn’t cost a thing!

The Floors 

The floors in a Spanish home are tile. All tile, all the time. I don’t hate it, but I would opt for a wood floor throughout. There is something quite nice about the tile on occasion, especially the beautiful marble that is often used. Tile floors are perfect for a Spanish home as they help keep it cool during the very hot summers.

The downside is that Spain experiences winters as well, and the shock of stepping on a cold tile floor literally sends a chill down your spine!  The upside is that a beautiful rug not only ties the room together but also gives you a warm and cosy place to put your tootsies on.

If this was going to be my forever home I would certainly make these design makeover changes. Since it’s not going to be though, I suppose all I can do is daydream about how I could improve this cute little flat.

Would you like to give your place a decor and design makeover?


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collaborative post 
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