5 Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate by Blogging

Maintaining an official blog is one of the best ways to convert website visitors into paying customers. Starting a blog alone is not enough; you must have well-researched content and format that is proven to convert. The internet is full of bloggers in practically every facet of interest. You must design your blog in intelligent ways, using useful resources such as craft design files, which will help your blog to stand apart from the rest.

Here we will discuss five ways to improve the conversion rate of your blog.

Choose Good Topics

The most critical factor in regards to blogging is choosing the right topics and titles. Rather than just writing articles that you think people want to read, do keyword research on topics you wish to use. There are free Keyword Research Tools online that give the most searched words and phrases related to your topic.

The objective is to help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Blog traffic primarily comes from search engine results, and this means that the higher your blog ranks, the better your odds of getting more traffic that converts. If you want to hire professionals to do the job, companies like LSEO that specialize in digital marketing; including blog content creation.

Add an Opt-In Form

Creating an email mailing list is one of the critical reasons blogs are created. You are only permitted to market to email addresses of those that have opted to receive email transmissions from you. This is commonly done by offering a free “gift” to those that submit their email addresses into a form. This is sometimes an e-book, special report, video, infographic, or something else of value to your audience. There are a variety of e-mail marketing platforms provide the tools needed to create and maintain these lists and opt-in forms.

Explore the Pain and Pleasure Dynamic

In most cases, people are purchasing your product for one of two reasons. Either they want to avoid pain (or dissatisfaction) or find pleasure (in your product or service). This is why marketers are often trained to probe for the pain or accentuate the fun. When you write your blog content, take time to detail the pain and pleasure points for your readers.


People are influenced by the opinions of others. Before purchasing items online, how many times have you bought something because it had good ratings or vice versa? The power of testimonials is proven to convert visitors. Ask satisfied customers for testimonials about your product or service.

Include a Call to Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a specific action requested by the blogger to the reader. The internet is a vast arena, and if a directive is not given to the reader in the article, the reader may go on to the next website without fully engaging in with yours. If there is something you want readers to buy, read, or do, let them know.


The objective of blogging is to become an authority and influencer in your particular field. This is what conversion rate is really about. Therefore, if you keep that principle in mind as your guiding light, you should be able to create a strong following and expert influence in no time at all.

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