5 Ways to Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal

No matter how much time or effort you devote to improving your home’s interior design, you will never own a truly stylish abode until you improve its curb appeal. Your front yard is the first thing that visitor’s to your home see, which is why you need to ensure that it is as clean and attractive as it can possibly be.

Here are five ways you can improve your home’s curb appeal:

Add some greenery

Adding a dash of greenery to your home’s exterior will improve its curb appeal to no end. Whether you wish to go as far as to lay down fresh lawn or whether you only have space to hang a couple of planters, going green will be sure to draw attention from everybody that happens to walk past your home.

If used correctly, greenery can really accentuate and frame your home’s key visual point, this being your door. There are plenty of ways to use greenery to your advantage as you seek to give your front door a fresh lease of life, some of which include:

  • Making your own foliage arch
  • Creating a door spray floral arrangement
  • Standing or hanging a planter next to the door

Let there be light

When it comes to home design, there’s nothing more off-putting than darkness. By allowing it to be dark and gloomy, your exterior won’t attract any attention, and some people may actually be put off visiting your home altogether because of it. Let light shine upon your front yard, and you will be sure to transform it into a welcoming and attractive area.

The first thing that you should seek to do in this instance is ensure that sunlight is allowed to fill your driveway. If this means chopping down big trees to let the light in, then so be it. The second thing that you consider doing is adding additional light sources, such as porch string lights or even lanterns that are solar-powered. Whatever you do, just make sure that your walkway is lit. You don’t want anybody falling over as they attempt to enter your home!

Clean your gutters

Dirty gutters will forever hold you back in your bid to improve your home’s curb appeal. So you should give them a thorough clean both inside and out. This means clearing any debris that might have collected within them and giving their outsides a good scrub. It’ll require a bit of hard work and elbow grease, but it’ll all be worth it when your gutters are looking brand new once again. Or, you can consider installing a new downspout. Visit the URL here to learn more. 

Upgrade your house numbers

House numbers that look like they’ve seen better days are a telltale sign of a weathered home exterior. Quite simply, the longer your house numbers look like they’ve been hanging up outside your home, the more dated your front yard is going to look. As a result, the harder it is going to be improve your curb appeal.

When it comes to investing in new house numbers, remember that you want to opt for a font that aligns with the rest of your exterior’s style. At the same time, however, you want to choose numbers that are distinctive enough to catch the eye of passers-by.

Look after your driveway

Maintaining your curb appeal is just as important as improving it in the first place. Click here to ensure your home’s exterior never loses its appeal – you should resolve to look after your driveway at all times.

First and foremost, this means keeping it clean no matter the weather or season. In order to keep your drive clean, you might want to consider having it jet washed from time to time. This kind of pressure/power wash will leave nothing behind — all dirt will be washed away, leaving your driveway looking as fresh and clean as it did the day you had it laid. However, before jet washing your driveway, it’s essential that you take the following advice. Not doing so could see you cause long term damage to your block paving.

Before jet washing your driveway, you should:

  • Give the driveway a good sweep
  • Try your best to remove oil stains
  • Consider relaying certain areas of your driveway if they’ve sunk
  • Apply weed-killer and remove weeds that have managed to grow through the cracks

If all of this seems a bit too much effort for you, fear not, as you can always turn to a handyman to help you out. Head to a comparison website and search for “handyman services near me”, and find the tradesperson that has the tools and the know-how for your job. Doing so will save you time and effort. Plus your driveway will look professionally tended to once the work is done.

You can’t own a truly stylish home if you don’t resolve to improve your curb appeal. Take the above advice, and remember that maintaining your home’s exterior is just as important as improving it in the first place.


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