6 fun and simple ways to spoil your loved ones

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There are plenty of events during the year to celebrate – like birthdays, Mother’s Day, and more – but there’s no reason why you can’t spoil your loved ones on a regular day! Whether it’s a fun day out or an at home treat, there are plenty of ways to shower a loved one that shows them how much you care. The good news is, even if you’re tight on finances, you don’t have to fork out a lot of money to make them feel treasured. It’s the time you spend and the experiences you have together that they’ll treasure for years to come. 

1. Give them an at-home spa treatment 

6 fun and simple ways to spoil your loved ones - at-home spa treatment 

If you want to make the special person in your life feel great, why not treat them to the ultimate pampering experience from the comfort of their own home? An at-home spa treatment for the two of you isn’t just the perfect way to spoil them, but it’s also a great way to spend some quality time together and treat yourselves to some much-needed self-care. There are plenty of ways you can do a spa session at home, and the best part is you get to choose exactly what kind of treatments you want to do (for a fraction of the cost!).

Create a relaxing mood with some scented candles or an essential oil diffuser, and if you really want to bring the luxury, get your hands on some fluffy bath robes for the two of you. Next,  decide what you’d like to include in your pamper session.

Are there specific areas you’d like to target – perhaps with a facial or a hair mask? Or do you want to try a bit of everything with a full body treatment? If you’re stuck for ideas, consider including a face mask, body scrub or hair mask.

If you really want to bring the luxury, you could get your hands on an at-home massager to target any tense muscles and leave you both feeling completely blissed out. The best part about doing it at home is you can pour yourselves a drink, put on your favourite music and get ready for some serious R & R. 

2. Create a photobook

6 fun and simple ways to spoil your loved ones  - Create a photobook

Don’t be fooled by this old-school gift. We may be well and truly in the digital age, but one thing people love is going through old photographs and reminiscing on all the memories they conjure up. A photo book is a gift that is sure to pull on the heartstrings. 

Buy a beautiful photo album and fill it with pictures. Even better, you can go through and pick the photos together and turn the activity of assembling the photo album into a fun experience that both of you can share. 

If there are particular photos you know they love, and their walls could do with a bit of a refresh, another option is to buy some pretty photo frames and hang favourite photos on the wall together. Every time they look at them, they’ll be reminded just how much their friends or family love them!

3. Curate a picnic to remember 

6 fun and simple ways to spoil your loved ones - Curate a picnic to remember 

Another great idea to show your loved one a bit of extra care is to put together a beautiful picnic and spoil them rotten. This could be an at-home extravaganza, or something you take to their favourite park, along with some handy tools of the trade, like picnic-proof wine glasses and a portable table. Fill the picnic with decadent treats, like croissants, pastries and macaroons, along with prawns and oysters for the seafood lover. Whether you opt for a luxurious tea or a tasty wine, make sure you don’t forget about the drinks. Go above and beyond with decorations and adorn the picnic with lots of pretty flowers to make them feel like a VIP. 

4. Give them restaurant gift vouchers

6 fun and simple ways to spoil your loved ones - Give them restaurant gift vouchers

It can be great to go out for a meal with our loved one, but sometimes the person you are gifting for may enjoy their gift with someone who is closer to them like their partner, parent, or child. For occasions like this, UK restaurant vouchers are a brilliant option! Everyone needs to eat, right?

By giving your loved one a Square Meal voucher they can pop out to one of the many participating restaurants in London, and throughout the UK and enjoy a meal at a restaurant that they usually wouldn’t treat themselves to. Perhaps they can treat themselves to cuisine they wouldn’t normally eat, or make it a day out in the city with someone else.

Sometimes showing your loved one that they can do something special with someone else may be the most special and selfless gift of all. Or they can choose to take you – either way it’s a great gift!

5. Plan a fun activity for everyone

6 fun and simple ways to spoil your loved ones - Plan a fun activity for everyone

If it’s one thing that we should probably make more time for is spending time together! Whether it’s a cosy day in watching your favourite movies or a fun day out that will get everyone involved. Some fun ideas include: hosting a murder mystery night, a themed movie marathon or an arts and crafts day that caters to both kids and adults (trust me, it’s possible!).

By planning a fun activity for the whole family or your group or friends, that special person is sure to feel the love after spending the day surrounded by the people who care.

6. Take them on a beautiful walk 

6 fun and simple ways to spoil your loved ones - Take them on a beautiful walk 

There’s nothing quite like getting out and about in the sunshine and being active. It’s the perfect way to spend a morning, afternoon or make a whole day from it! Plan an adventure for the day and consider packing a picnic (see #3!). Look in your area for new trails or head out for a trek she’s always wanted to try.  You are both sure to have a day filled with stunning natural sights – all the while staying fit and healthy. 

Whatever you choose, the best gift you can give the special people in your life. With a little thoughtful planning, you can create a gift or an experience that they’ll be sure to treasure! 

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