6 Important Fixes to Consider Making in Your Home

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For most of us, the weekend comes to liberate us from our super-fast paced lifestyles. Besides offering an excellent opportunity to relax and refill our batteries, weekends are also great to take stock of things could do with fixing or improving in your house. Here are some quick projects and fixes you could throw yourself into that will make a big difference to your home.


Take a piece of writing paper and smear wallpaper paste onto it (using a knife will make it easier). Then, rub the paper against the inside of the section that is peeled and press the wallpaper against the wall. Carefully slide the writing paper out. Finish by using a clean cloth to smooth away bubbles.


It’s very common for doors to get into poor condition very quickly. They can be afflicted by anything from faulty or squeaky hinges to damage caused by constant opening and closing. Not to mention bashing and banging caused by strong drafts or children playing rough games.

It’s possible to improve the condition of door hinges by rubbing them with petroleum jelly or spraying them with a little lubricant and then move the door back and forth a few times. But from experience, I can tell you that anything more complicated than a squeaky hinge should be looked at a by a professional handymanThis is especially the case with any door that gives access into and out of your property as it’s one of those fixes that can lead to bad consequences if not done properly.

Stained Tub

Combine baking soda and cream of tartar (equal amounts) and blend with lemon juice. Make a paste and rub into the stained area with a soft cloth or even your fingers. Let the paste sit for 30 mins or so and rinse well with warm water.


You can easily up the looks of your bathroom or improve its quality by installing a new faucet. However, since the most difficult part is removing the old faucet, you may want to get in touch with a professional plumber to avoid unexpected issues, such as poor access to fittings, difficult-to-reach nuts, and corroded pipes. Other than that, the directions that come with the new faucet are all you will probably need after the removing-the-old-faucet part is being taken care of.

Also, be certain that the configuration and your existing sink match perfectly or you may end up with a far more extensive project (i.e. replacing the sink)!

Shower Head

If it’s time to solve that leaky shower head problem or just improve the aesthetics of your bathroom, then turn off the water supply, remove the existing shower head, clean the thread of the shower arm and then tape the threads, before you install the new showerhead. Attach it and turn on the water!

If the flow is low, check whether hard-water deposits are clogging the holes.

Holes in the Wall

Fixing wall blemishes is definitely a weekend-worthy project that you can easily handle with surfacing compound and a putty knife, especially if you want to conceal minor imperfections, such as nail holes. For larger holes, first, cover the affected area with an adhesive patch and then spread drywall compound (all-purpose) over it, using a trowel. You may have to leave the compound to dry overnight, depending on the size of the hole. Once dry, you can paint over the patch.

The best thing about these fixes is that, in their overwhelming majority, they do not demand too of your time! Never again was enhancing the aesthetics of your home or fixing problems around it been so easy, right?

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