6 Laser Hair Removal Preparation Tips

Do you have body hair that you are constantly trying to get rid of? Some people go through their monthly ritual of going to a spa or salon to have their body waxed. There are also those who opt for the more time-consuming route of shaving or waxing at home.

These methods require a lot of time, effort and money. Now imagine doing away with all the razors, waxing strips, or trips to the spa or salon, and having smooth skin for a longer period of time. 

This is all possible with laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is quick, painless and non-invasive. After a few scheduled sessions at your local beauty and wellness center, patients can expect the results to last for several months to a year. In order to maximize the results of your sessions, it is important to prepare your skin and body for the treatment it will receive. Here are some important steps you need to take for your laser hair removal preparation.

Tips for laser hair removal preparation

Skip the beach

Avoid any instance wherein your skin will be exposed to extreme heat or sunlight, such as going to the beach or a tanning salon.

When you come into the center with tanned skin, the laser may cause your skin to lighten in certain areas. The result with be unevenly colored areas and blistering.

Skin specialists won’t treat skin that has been recently tanned, so avoid heading to the beach, going to the tanning salon, or using other tanning products for at least four weeks before your scheduled treatment. Wear sunscreen that has SPF 15 or more if you will be spending extended periods outdoors.

Avoid manual hair removal methods

Laser treatments are designed to deliberately damage the hair follicles. This reduces the chances of body hair growing back. 

Avoid removing hair through techniques such as waxing, plucking, or even electrolysis a few weeks before your session. The methods mentioned can affect the hair follicles in your body. 

If you do manually remove the hair strands, you may feel some pain and added discomfort during the laser treatment. What you can do instead is to shave the area clean of hair. Shaving is safe and recommended as it clips the hair without damaging the follicles underneath your skin.

Check with your skin specialist

Schedule a consultation with your trusted skin specialist a few weeks before the treatment. Ask about their recommended ways to prepare for the laser hair removal session.

Depending on your situation and sensitivity to the treatment, your doctor may prescribe taking pain relievers or applying topical anaesthetics. These will help numb the skin prior to your appointment.

Let your hair removal specialist know if you are using anti-aging skin care products. Some products contain ingredients that could cause some irritation during the treatment. Examples of terms you need to look for in your products’ ingredients lists are salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acid and benzoyl peroxide, among others.

Discontinue use of such skin care products for a few days before and after your scheduled appointments. Also, ask your specialist how long you should avoid using anti-aging products.

Shave before the laser treatment

Keep in mind that the laser will only affect the hair follicle and not the strands themselves. As such, shaving is recommended before a laser session because it prepares your skin for the laser. Compared to waxing and plucking, shaving is considered safe as it does not interfere with how the hair follicles grow.

The laser might singe any exposed hair strands. To prevent any discomfort and smelling the odor of burned hair, shave the areas where you want your hair removed on the evening before your scheduled session.

Cleanse your skin

Prior to your appointment, take a bath to remove any excess oils or skin care products on your skin. Be careful not to wear any deodorant, lotions, creams, makeup or other similar products on the day of your appointment.

Wear loose clothing

Your skin might feel sensitive immediately once the session is over. To prevent chafing, avoid wearing tight or abrasive clothing. Instead, wear loose and comfortable clothes on the day of your treatment. 

The amount of time it takes to remove hair follicles using laser varies from one situation to another. A session can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours in some cases. By following these tips, and doing your laser hair removal preparation you will be on your way to hair free skin.

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