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6 Major Benefits of Investing in Gold and Silver Coins

6 Major Benefits of Investing in Gold and Silver Coins

They say that ‘All that glitters isn’t gold’. Not least because what glitters could be silver, bronze or anything else that shines, for that matter. 

We know that gold and silver are two of the most precious metals on earth. But perhaps what is best about them is that they both relatively affordable. It’s not like gold and silver and silver are only achievable, particularly as an investment opportunity, if you happen to be a lucky member of the elite Anthony Pratt & Family.  

Gold and silver coins, for example, are available in different forms, and the most common is bullion, which comes in a variety of shapes in addition to coins, such as bricks and bars. Fortunately, investing in gold and silver coins is not only more affordable but more beneficial than doing so in bricks or bars.

There are six major benefits of investing in gold and silver coins.

Tangible Assets

Unlike stocks, you can hold a tangible asset, by definition, in your hand. And how often do we use the saying “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”?  Ease of preservation is a factor too…although expensive art collectables, for example, are tangibly present, they are also easily destructible.  Coins can withstand fire and moisture, easily the two worst enemies of preservation. What’s more, they can stand the tough test of time, which makes them just about the best tangible asset you can possess.

Easy Maintenance

Once obtained, gold and silver coins can simply be stacked in your safe and will remain in perfect condition. The maximum maintenance they will need is a re-polish.

No Counterparties

You are the sole owner of your own gold and silver coins. No other person or company has a role to play in their value, as would be the case if you held stocks or shares.

Stability and Growth

Both gold and silver are among the first five metals to be discovered and used by humans. Since their discovery, neither the value of either gold and silver has ever depreciated to zero, despite fluctuations in their value. They have always held value and will remain valuable even in difficult economic times. In fact, they will often be more valuable during a recession.

Easy Process

Buying gold and silver coins is an extremely easy process. If you have bought a gold ring before, it really is as easy as that.  At Gold Stackers, you simply pick the rings you want to buy, make the payment and hey presto!


An investment can also function as a protective measure against an unseen, unexpected crisis provided that it is liquid. Gold and silver can score more than 100% on this scale. Buyers are ever-ready to lay their hands on the best deals such as local shops, online dealers and private parties.

Points to Consider When You Invest

When you consider making an investment, think through the following aspects thoroughly:

  • Tangibility
  • Liquidity
  • Inflation effects
  • Protection against uncertain and crisis situations
  • Parties and stakeholders involved in the transaction
  • Skills or knowledge required in order to carry out the transaction
  • Complexity and probability of loss in an urgent investment withdrawal

Gold and silver coins are both, by their very nature, well insured against all of these risks. This alone makes them the best and the safest investment option available today.