6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Nice

If you are looking for things to do for your first trip to Nice in France, then you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find all the things I wish I knew before going to Nice. It is true that France is an expensive country if we compare it with other countries. However, not everything is paid as its cities and towns also offer activities and tourist places to visit totally free. 

Thanks to the large number of students who live temporarily in the city of Nice and the large influx of visitors there are many things to do for free. If you plan to visit the city of Nice and enjoy your stay to the fullest, in this post I give you the best tips so you can enjoy it to the max. If you’re also looking for maximum comfort while exploring this beautiful French city, then renting a car is a great idea.

With Enjoy, you can opt for the most affordable car hire in Nice. Without further delay, here are the tips for your next trip.  

Take a bath in the fountains of the Albert Garden 1st

When the good weather comes the gardens at Albert 1st is an area that is full of people. If you want to soak yourself in water you can come to this park and take a soak with the fountains. 

There are many children and young people who spend the morning or afternoon hours in these gardens. In addition, many take their swimsuits and play with water from the fountains. If you want to soak yourself in a place other than the beach I recommend these gardens. There are also grassy areas where you can sit, talk, play instruments, play cards and even take a picnic.

Go up to the viewpoint of the Chateaux du Nice and enjoy the views

Climbing the viewpoint is a classic when visiting the city of Nice. You have the option of taking the elevator or climbing the 213 steps to get to the main viewpoint and enjoy the fabulous views of the city and the sea of ​​Nice. Take the opportunity to take the best postcard photographs, selfies and more. Also, if you go up the hill you can stroll through the park of the Chateaux du Nice.

You will find other points overlooking the harbor area, viewpoints of greater height, and a play and rest area for everyone. Many take their good wine or beer and accompany it with a picnic or snacks.

Snorkeling on the beach in Nice

It’s as simple as picking up your diving goggles and the tube and swimming. If you are a snorkel fan and you already have your fins your experience will be richer and you will be able to reach more incognito places. 

I recommend snorkeling near Plage de la Plateforme and Castel beach. However, any coastal area near the rocks is a good place to dive and discover underwater life.

Cycle from Nice to Villefranche Sur Mer

Are you one of those who love cycling? If your answer is yes, you will love this activity in the form of an excursion. Generally, whenever I went to Villefranche Sur Mer, I spent the whole day at the beach, then turned around the town and to finish the visit I bought a 2-ball ice cream and cycled back to Nice. 

To get there you have to go around the coast until you reach the town. The good thing about this route is that it has some areas with bike lanes and there are also very good points to stop and take pictures. The views during this route are incredible and on their own make going to Nice worth it.

Go to the Carnival of Nice

Did you know that on the first day of the Carnival of Nice you can access the Carnival Corso and the Battle of Flowers? It is true that queues are not going to be able to save you.. But if you want to give your pocket a joy and enjoy some unique and incredible things for free, you have to take this opportunity.

Visit the Museum of Fine Arts and the Matisse Museum

Nice has about 20 museums and galleries. Generally all have a cost to enter although for students there is a good reduction and some are even free. The Museum of Fine Arts offers a large collection of the works of the artist Chéret. And best of all, admission is free.

Located on 33 Avenue des Baumettes, near Gambetta and in the heart of Les Baumettes. The Matisse museum is located on the hill of Cimiez. It has emblematic works of the artist Henri Matisse as well as paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs. 

Who said traveling was expensive? Now that you have this list tips and things to do in Nice there are no excuses for not visiting the fabulous Cote d’Azur. Especially if it involves going to Nice!


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