6 Very Important Outdoor Lighting Tips

outdoor lighting

With Summer setting in, you are probably going to spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors. Ensure that the fun does not stop after the sun sets down because of inefficient outdoor lighting. All outdoor lighting is not the same and it needs a little more than a wall light to light up space. In order to create the right ambiance, it is about choosing the perfect lighting fixture for the backyard. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right type of outdoor lighting.

Consider three top types of lighting

You need to consider three forms of lighting – task, accent, and ambient. Task lighting will include pathway lights and security lights. Accent lighting will include spotlights and ambient lighting can be created through post lights or hanging lights. Alan Lander from Hydro Dynamics Corp (https://hydrodynamicscorp.com/) says that good outdoor lighting is a must for anyone using their backyards after sunset. If you have a small patio and a restricted budget, you need to consider beautiful string lights or use LED candles.

Plan ahead

Before you begin shopping for outdoor lights, observe the space and write down measurements so that you do not pick fixtures which are very large. Consider the size of a fixture before you purchase them. For the back patio or your front porch, the size of an outdoor wall light should be one third the height of your door. You also need to ensure that you choose sturdy lighting which can withstand the weather.

Use LEDs

It is advisable to use LEDs because they consume less energy than incandescent bulbs or halogen and they are maintenance-free. This means you will not have to replace the bulbs time and again.

Look at the lights from inside

When you take a look at the lights from the home, you will be able to decide which lighting to choose. You need to consider how the patios spaces, pathways and gardens look from inside the home. Lighting gardens could be seen from the dining room to get a clear view of the outside at night.

Use subtle lighting for entertaining

If you often host parties in your yard, you need to opt for subtle lights. The guests will not want a bright light over them while they enjoy their meal. Hence, stick with a light that has a soft glow. There are a lot of pendants, outdoor lanterns as well as ceiling fans with built-in light kits that help illuminate the dining and seating areas.

Consider security

When it comes to outdoor lighting, it will not only give the right ambiance but will also help secure the home. You need to ensure that the entry points to the home are always well lit. Place an elegant wall lantern outside the garage or install one single fixture right above. You can illuminate one particular side of the house using spotlights.

Use these tips to add an aesthetic appeal and functionality to your yard.

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