7 Great Podcasts For DIY Home Improvement

To protect your investment and live in style, home improvement is vital. When your fixtures work perfectly and everything looks great, you’ll have created the perfect environment for leisure and relaxation. Perhaps you’d like to enhance your interior design or DIY skills, but you’re not sure where to begin? Luckily for you, there are many great podcasts out there which offer a huge array of DIY home improvement advice.

1 .The Money Pit Home Improvement

The Money Pit is an excellent ‘call-in’ style podcast which offers listeners guidance and advice with their home improvement projects. Here you’ll learn about creating a lovely accent wall; simple furniture fixes; tips for brighter kitchens; and the best ways to insulate. Ever wondered the most effective way to stop leaks or how to prevent frozen pipes? With the Money Pit, you’ll get all these answers and more!

2.  Fix it 101

Fix it 101 is a top DIY home improvement podcast show for all your burning questions about home improvements. From electrical questions to plumbing, the team at Fix it 101 are here to tell you how. Recent episodes include discussions of security systems, household pests, energy vampires, chimney checks and air conditioner remedies. Whether you have questions about rising damp treatment, flooring 101 or smart home solutions, your Fix it hosts can help you out.

3. A Beautiful Mess 

Tune in for some top DIY advice from Emma and Elsie, sisters and founders of the home improvement blog of the same name. Learn how to make a mood board for your home in four steps; how to prepare your home for sale; and three things which make for a happier home. Emma and Elsie also have an app called ‘ A Color Story’, which offers hundreds of filters and effects for your photos and videos. A must-try for keen photo editors.

4. Reclaimed Audio Podcast

In this fun-filled podcast, Bill, Phill and Tim discuss their collective passion- creating items using reclaimed materials. Those keen upcyclers out there would be well advised to give this one a listen. You’ll get all the tips and info you need plus some great chats and laughs along the way. The next time that you declutter your home take a good look at your unwanted items before you throw them away. Is there anything here that might make a nice upcycling project? Reclaiming an old item and turning it into something new is both a fun project and a step towards a greener lifestyle.

5. Your Home Story 

Your Home Story is brought to you by bloggers and home improvement experts Ashley and Suzannah. These women firmly believe that you don’t have to be an interior designer or a contractor to create a fantastic home- all by yourself. Whether you want to know how to choose flooring, paint cabinets or curate your home style, these episodes will bring you this knowledge and plenty more. From organizing your kitchen to lessons learnt from show homes, tune in and get in the know.

6. Young House Love Has A Podcast

Couple Sherry and John, have written books, designed products and blogged extensively about all things home improvement and design. Now, you get to hear of all their top tips in a weekly podcast! Here you’ll discover the latest on home decor trends around the world; when to save vs splurge; and the real housewives of Airbnb! For plenty of entertainment, ideas and hacks, Young House Love won’t disappoint.

7. Decorating Tips & Tricks

Before your next home revamp, tune into Kelly and Anita, friends, bloggers and interior design experts. With Decorating Tips and Tricks, you’ll learn what’s hot and what’s not on the interior design scene, plus a whole load of hacks so that you can do-it-yourself. Want to add creativity to your decor or a touch of romance? Need some ideas for your fireplace or your kitchen cabinets? For all this and many more hacks, be sure to tune in. 

You might be pretty creative, but we all run out of ideas sometimes. With this range of podcasts, you’ll keep your home well maintained and looking fantastic. Once you’ve mastered the basics of DIY tasks around the home, you can build on these skills over time.

Before you begin any DIY home improvement project, it’s essential to establish your budget and any relevant health and safety practices. When using new tools, take it easy and have a break if you are struggling. For video tutorials, YouTube is an excellent online resource, whether you’re building shelves or unclogging your sinks.

We hope that these podcasts for DIY and home improvement help you on your next project!

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