7 Signs Your Relationship Is Officially Out of the Honeymoon Phase

Every new relationship has a “honeymoon” phase. During this good time, love makes you see each other through rose-colored glasses, so it’s easy to ignore any warning signs.

At the very beginning of a healthy relationship, when you’re still trying to get to know each other, you’re in the “honeymoon phase.” You always try to be your best self during this time and put your best foot forward. You’re also extra patient with your partner, giving them the benefit of the doubt and brushing off problems as minor problems you can easily overcome and keep your romance alive.

However, do you know how long does the honeymoon phase last? Well, Some say it’s a week; others say it’s a few months. But what is the honeymoon stage? And why does it end? What are the signs that you’re officially out of the honeymoon phase? These questions have puzzled people for years. 

Don’t worry, we will answer all those questions in this blog post. 

Table of Contents – 7 Signs that Your Relationship is out of the Honeymoon Phase

7 Signs Your Relationship Is Officially Out of the Honeymoon Phase

What Is the Honeymoon Phase?

The honeymoon phase describes the early stages of a relationship; the couple spends on cloud nine, where everything seems perfect. You can’t imagine ever being without your partner. It is characterized by butterflies in your stomach, a high level of passionate love, increased sexual attraction, emotional intimacy, and constant daydreaming about your partner.

After the honeymoon phase ends, reality sets in, and you may start to notice your partner’s flaws. However, if you’re still willing to work on the relationship, it can be just as strong as it was during the honeymoon phase.

Why Does the Honeymoon Phase End?

The honeymoon phase is that blissful period of early romance when everything seems perfect. But why does it end? The truth is the honeymoon phase is more about illusion than reality. When you start dating someone, you tend to see them in the best light possible. They seem smarter, funnier, and more attractive than they are.

This is because you find them interesting, and your brain makes chemicals that make you feel good. This infatuation is driven by nerve growth factor (NGF), a protein that helps to promote nerve cell growth and survival.

NGF levels are highest during the early stages of a relationship, But as time goes on and the novelty wears off, you start to see your partner’s flaws more clearly. That’s not to say the love is gone, but it’s no longer all-consuming. So if you find yourself out of the honeymoon phase, don’t worry—it’s just a normal part of any relationship.

Signs That You’re Officially Out of the Honeymoon Phase

7 Signs Your Relationship Is Officially Out of the Honeymoon Phase

1. You start noticing bad things about your partner

The honeymoon phase is likely where the saying “love is blind” came from. When a relationship is new and exciting, people can get so caught up in how much they like the other person that they don’t see their flaws.

As the relationship moves to the next stage, you’ll be able to see more clearly why the person you’re with isn’t perfect. The relationship stays strong when you accept their flaws, and they do the same for you. If that doesn’t happen, I don’t think things will last.

2. The cat and mouse game is over

A lot of cat-and-mouse games happen at the beginning of a relationship. A couple keeps their guard up and acts like they don’t want to be with each other. No one wants to seem too available to someone they’re still trying to get to like them. 

But once you’ve made a good impression and reached a certain point, you won’t care if you seem hard to get. You’ll know you can count on each other and know how you feel about each other.

3. Your partner seems distant

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s normal to want to be around your partner all the time. But if you’ve noticed that your partner seems distant or preoccupied, it may be a sign that the honeymoon phase is ending.

They may not be as quick to respond to your texts or calls or seem distracted when you’re talking to them. If this is something you’ve noticed in your relationship, it’s important to talk to your partner about it so you can figure out what’s going on.

7 Signs Your Relationship Is Officially Out of the Honeymoon Phase

4. You no longer feel those butterflies

When you’re in the honeymoon phase, everything feels new and exciting. But as time passes and you get more comfortable with each other, that passion can start to fade. If you find yourself no longer feeling those butterflies when you’re around your partner or thinking about them, it may be a sign that the honeymoon phase is ending. This doesn’t mean your relationship is over, but it does mean that some things are starting to get more comfortable.

5. You don’t try hard to impress each other anymore

When you first started dating, you did everything you could to look good and impress your partner. But as time passes and you get to know each other better, you don’t have to try as hard. On date night, you’re more likely to wear sweats than a dress and heels. And that doesn’t have to be a negative thing! It just means you trust each other enough to let down your guard.

6. You have less sex

It’s common for couples to have less sex as time goes on. Life gets in the way, sex drives to ebb and flow, and the novelty wears off. But if you’re having less sex than you did during the honeymoon phase, it could signify something else is amiss in your relationship. Talk to your partner about what’s happening and see if you can reignite the spark.

7. You don’t miss each other that much

During the honeymoon phase, even brief separations can feel like torture. You can’t stand being away from your partner for even a few hours! But as the novelty wears off, it becomes easier and easier to be apart—to the point where you might even enjoy having time to yourself now and then. If you look forward to solo time more than a couple of times, it might signify that the honeymoon phase is over.

Final Thoughts

Although there is no foolproof way to tell how long the honeymoon phase lasts, it might be time to start preparing for what comes next if you see any of the following signs. If you’re in a healthy and happy relationship, don’t worry – these changes can strengthen your bond.

But if your partnership is starting to lose its spark, it might be worth taking a closer look at what could be causing the problem. Check out Evan Marc Katz’s advice for more information on dealing with common issues during this relationship stage.

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