7 Simple Ways to Get Your Bedroom Ready for Spring

7 Simple Ways to Get Your Bedroom Ready for Spring

The term “Spring Clean” can be so cliche that I had second thoughts about using it for this article on getting your bedroom ready for Spring. The reality is that it’s a term we can all relate to. It’s a term that helps us clear out the cobwebs both mentally and within our homes, with a good old fashioned vacuum cleaner able to aid with the latter.

The mere thought of spring cleaning can help us prepare for and get motivated to welcome the coming season. The reality is that I don’t have anything revolutionary to share with you. What I am sharing with you though is a combination of common sense bits you probably already know and little gems that I find help me keep my bedroom ready for the upcoming season.

The Bed

The bed is the item that the entire room revolves around. It’s the purpose of having the bedroom and it’s the place that most of us consider a haven and retreat. From busy and lived-in to simple and minimalist our bedrooms are unique to us though I can’t think of something that is more run of the mill than a bed. Sure, our mattresses may be different sizes, some may have a divan while others have a canopy bed. Whatever our preferences the biggest focus when doing a spring revamp should certainly be our beds.

1) Pillow Talk

Our pillows tend to be the most important part of determining whether we get a good night’s sleep or not. We have a phrase in my house that sums up whether or not we slept well based on the pillows – pillow issues.

Pillow issues can range from having the wrong pillow – we each have pillows to meet our individual needs and when we’re so sleepy can just grab the wrong one, to sleeping with pillows in the wrong order – there’s a top pillow and a bottom pillow as well as an array of cushions. Yes, a little bit OTT, I know.

You may not be as picky as us but it’s still a very wise thing to focus on making sure your pillows are in tip-top shape. Did you know most pillows are washable? Yes, they are! Make sure you check the washing instructions on each pillow.

Also, consider the size of your washer. If it’s small and/or your pillows are big then taking them to a launderette. The tennis ball trick, where you add 2 tennis balls into the drying cycle will puff them up and make them ready to sleep on.

2) Tip top Mattress Topper

Mattresses should be changed every 8 years according to the advice we all seem to hear but even if our mattress is in decent shape a good mattress topper wouldn’t go amiss. Mattress and mattress topper deals can be found online, but I tend to steer towards sites like Groupon where I know I can get a good deal without compromising on quality.

What I like about changing out mattress toppers seasonally is that during the winter we use one that is more warming whilst in the spring go for one that is hypoallergenic as spring allergies really tend to affect us. It’s good to have the options that you can change depending on your needs throughout the year.

3) Change the Sheets …

… and the duvet cover, and the duvet. Giving your sheets a wash and changing them often is a must but swapping out a thick duvet and a dull winter duvet cover for something brighter or with a pattern can instantly bring the spring indoors even if it still hasn’t appeared outside our windows.

The Floors and Walls

4) Wipe the Walls

Wiping down the walls and the ceiling can make a massive improvement in your home. It’s something that can be an oversight for many, but dust accumulates quite easily in plain sight. It’s especially important if you’re a smoker! A damp cloth can work wonders and a clean mop can also do the trick.

5) Focus on the Floors

Flooring is very important in our homes and most of our bedrooms are probably covered in warm and plush carpets. A good clean goes deeper than just vacuuming and is important in order to get ready for Spring. To make sure there isn’t anything lurking in the base of the carpet fibres (which unfortunately there will be after a long winter) a good carpet cleaning will do the trick! If you are looking for a carpet cleaning method that will leave carpets looking and feeling great, you may want to consider the Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning method using quality products like those found at VacAway. You can purchase a lightweight and affordable carpet cleaner to have on hand for any spills or even hire one from B&Q as you need it.

Finishing Touches

6) Plants and Flowers

Bringing the outside in by placing flowers and plants can give your bedroom an instant lift. The importance of plants and flowers runs deeper than that though as flowers such as tulips can help clean the air by removing toxins like formaldehyde and ammonia whilst common house plant, philodendron, acts like a filter by using its big leaves. It can even attract moisture and release it back into the air as clean oxygen.

7) Change the Scents

Scent can play such a powerful role in our lives. From evoking memories to helping us give ourselves and our homes a certain ambiance. Changing scents such as your candles and your Zoflora scents (one of my favourite cleaning supplies) can make your house be easily transformed and get ready for spring!

Is your home ready for Spring?


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