7 Steps to a Perfect Beach Body (and it’s not what you think)

7 Steps to a Perfect Beach Body (and it's not what you think)

Summer holidays are approaching fast, and having the perfect beach body is on your mind. But, with such little time left, how can you make sure you do it? Going on the latest diet trend isn’t going to help you out. This is going to take tried and tested methods that you know are safe for your health. You won’t have to kill yourself in the gym and you won’t have to drink only milkshakes for a month. Here’s how to make sure you look your best when you’re lying on a beach in the beaming sun.

Perfect Beach Body: Stay Hydrated

You may think that drinking a lot of water will cause bloating. That won’t be the case. In fact, drinking plenty of water will ensure you’re not bloated. When you only have little water in your system, it stays near the surface of your skin because there isn’t enough for it to travel further. When you drink plenty of water, it rests under your muscles, giving your body a more defined and toned look.

Lay Off Carbs

Carbs like pasta, pizza, and all of our other favourite foods don’t do us any good when we’re trying to lose weight and look our best. Avoid eating carbs for a few weeks ahead of your holiday. There’s nothing like a bowl full of pasta to cause bloating. Switch to whole foods and protein instead. It’s also better to eat little and often, instead of three big meals per day. Your body has a better chance at digesting food properly if you aren’t eating in huge portions.

Perfect Beach Body: Wear it Well

Don’t turn to diet pills or quit fix fasts. Girls, your best friends are your accessories. Wear wedges throughout the day and heels in the night to get added height. Kaftans are ideal for covering up your insecurities while staying cool and long necklaces will give the illusion that your body is longer than it is. The main thing to remember, is to walk with confidence. If you love your body, so will everyone else.

7 Steps to a Perfect Beach Body (and it's not what you think)

Sleep Well

Did you know it’s possible to lose weight as you sleep? If you get your full 8 hours of rest, your body will be restoring and resetting as you sleep. This is so you can function as well as possible when you wake up. Part of the restoration process is digesting food and storing nutrients. Experts say that eight hours is the perfect amount of sleep for a healthy adult. Any less and could risk being too tired. Oversleeping is just as bad for you.

Perfect Beach Body: Exercise

There’s nothing as good as exercise to get you in shape for a holiday. Try and focus on creating tone, rather than losing weight. Whatever exercise you do, it’s likely you’ll lose some weight, but building muscle and tone will be easier in the short term. Try squats to firm up your butt and legs, weights to strengthen and tone your arms and sit ups to strengthen and tone your core. You’ll also find that exercise will increase your energy. The more energy you have on holiday, the better.


The perfect beach body isn’t just about shape. If you’re whiter than Casper the ghost right now, you may want to spend some time in the sun before you go. Getting a base tan can make you feel more confident about how your body looks. If the sun isn’t making an appearance at the moment, why not use the magic of fake tan? However, it’s important to get it done professionally. The last thing you want is to be jetting off with terrible tan lines.

Get Excited

Sometimes, all you need to do is stop worrying. You won’t be the only one on the beach who has hang-ups about their body. The point of a holiday is to relax, have fun and forget about your worries, not having a perfect beach body. Start thinking about packing, start planning trips you’d like to take while you’re there and start getting into holiday mode. You need to be able to enjoy yourself, and if you’re constantly worried about what people think of you, you won’t be able to. When holiday time comes, forget about your body and dive into the adventure!


7 Steps to a Perfect Beach Body (and it's not what you think)

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