7 Things That Ruin Your Jewellery

Believe it or not, there are some things you may – or may not – be doing that are ruining your gorgeous jewellery.

Here’s a look at a few things you might want to stop doing right now!

1. You never take off your ring.

Are you one of those people that never takes off their wedding ring? It’s probably just habit. But, keeping your ring on when you’re carrying out tasks isn’t always the best idea. It can cause your ring to get dirty, damaged or lost.

Take your ring off:

  • When you’re cleaning
  • In the shower or bath
  • When you’re cooking
  • At the gym
  • In the garden
  • When you’re putting on body creams, perfumes, hairspray and makeup

2. You don’t look after your jewellery.

If you notice loose settings, dirt and scratches, it’s time to take your jewellery in for repairs and maintenance. Regular trips to the jeweller will help preserve the life of your jewellery. If you have items lying around that you no longer wear, consider selling them. Gold Buyers Sydney offers cash for gold Sydney investors opt for, so if you happen to be in the area, make sure to check out their services.

3. You’re not storing your jewellery safely.

Those beautiful, velvet-lined pieces aren’t just for presentation. A lined and padded jewellery box offers a safe place to store your precious pieces when you’re not wearing them. A well-designed jewellery box will also prevent bracelets and necklaces getting tangles, or earrings getting lost.

4. You’re not cleaning your jewellery.

Keeping jewellery cleans ensures it lasts longer and looks great. The easiest way to do this is to take it to a jewellery store and have it cleaned professionally. However, you can also clean your own jewellery at home to keep it shining in between professional cleans.

5. You’ve not insured the valuable pieces.

Insurance is important when it comes to protecting your financial investment. It’s also crucial that you have your valuable pieces appraised every five or so years since the cost of precious metals and diamonds go up. If you were to lose something that was appraised many years ago, the insured value would be a lot less than the replacement cost.

Of course, you don’t need to insure every item of jewellery that you own, but insuring heirlooms or your wedding ring can be surprisingly cost-effective.

6. You touch your jewellery too much.

Diamonds and precious stones are magnets for body oils, dirt and dust. So, the more you touch them, the dirtier they actually get. Try not to fiddle with them too much. When you take your rings off, grab the band on either side rather than taking them off by the stone. If your gems start to look cloudy or hazy, it’s time for a professional cleaning.

7. You don’t wear your pearls often enough.

Unlike diamonds, pearls benefit from coming into contact with your body’s natural oils on a regular basis. That’s because our natural oils keep pearls looking lustrous. So, don’t hide your pearl jewellery away, keep wearing it and it will keep looking stunning! When you’re not wearing your pearls, remember to store them in soft jewellery boxes or bags to protect them from scratches. Always wipe them with a soft cloth when you take them off, too.

Avoid or start doing the above 7 things to keep your jewellery in top condition!

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