7 Tips to Create a Rustic Outdoor Space

A stunning outdoor space is what everyone dreams of, especially when they expectantly wait for summer to roll around so they can hang out with friends and family. You have likely seen plenty of examples of the perfect modern outdoor space, but this doesn’t feel very you. Just because you don’t feel it suits your style doesn’t mean there’s not a solution, though. 

Instead of opting for sleek, clean lines and contemporary style, rustic outdoor space and garden is a fantastic way to bring some character and cosiness to your home. It perfectly captures the purposefully scruffy appeal many people crave, and you can often do it for a fraction of the budget. So, where do you begin?

Plan Before You Start 

Before doing anything, you must make sure you outline a plan. This includes everything from the purpose to your budget and more, as it will allow you to get an idea about what you want and how much you’re able to spend. 

Anyone who has completed an outdoor renovation by themselves knows this is easier said than done, though. There are plenty of factors that go into the planning process, but this is crucial for allowing you to determine what will work and what won’t. 

The good news is that rustic renovations are sometimes cheaper compared to modern styles, although this all comes down to the materials you choose and what help you employ. 

Repurpose Other Items 

You might have plenty of old items lying around the house or in your garage. Rather than throw them out, you can think about the different ways you could repurpose them and turn them into something else. 

A bucket can become a planter by drilling drainage holes in the bottom, whereas a trellis frame could work as a table or even an awning above the door. 

You can also look in other places, such as recycling centres or supermarkets. They may have items that they are going to discard, so ask if they’re willing to donate them to your project. You may want to learn how to make a bench out of pallets to give you somewhere to sit without relying on proper garden furniture.

Combine Materials 

Although wood – and lots of wood – is a common theme in many rustic environments, you’ll also find that there are a lot of combined materials that have been used to create something new or functional. 

If you’re feeling especially handy, you can do this yourself, but if not, products like pipework shelving and similar designs offer a great solution that can add dimensions and functionality to your outdoor space. 

Combining wood and metal, is a particularly effective measure when creating rustic styles, as it offers a different texture rather than relying solely on wood. 

Make Things Yourself 

There are few things more rustic than homemade items. You’d find it difficult to think of anything that looks as traditional as a homemade throw or cushions. If you consider yourself relatively good with your hands, there is plenty of inspiration available to help you find something you might want to add to your decor. 

This could be a knitted blanket or clever bottle lights you can use to illuminate the space. Candles, the aforementioned benches or tables, and more are all possibilities, too. 

This will also save you plenty of money, especially as a lot of rustic tidbits and decor can cost more than you might expect. Making things yourself is particularly effective if you’re on a budget but still want to transform your outdoor space. 

Consider the Elements 

Depending on where you live, you should consider the elements and weather, and how this could affect your outdoor space. While the summer may be full of sunshine and gorgeous weather, this may not be the case as the days get colder and shorter. 

Because of this, you must use materials and decors that can withstand the elements. The entire point of rustic styles is durability, so anything you choose should be able to survive plenty of use, while the wear and tear will help add to the atmosphere you’re cultivating. 

Try to stick to materials that won’t rust or rot. You can also look for smaller items that are easy to store inside when the weather turns. 

More Is More

While many modern outdoor spaces live by a minimalist rule, you’ll find that rustic styles are the other side of the coin. Finding used items and creating an attractive cluttered space is a fantastic way for you to achieve the most authentic outdoor space and style. 

You can pick up traditionally country-esque items anywhere, including the back of your garage where you’ve forgotten such items exist. When you dig these out, attach them to your walls to create a space that might overwhelm the senses at first, but what will soon become clear is essential for creating the space and style you have been searching for. 

When it comes to rustic, there can never be too much stuff

Let the Garden Grow

If you’re someone who has always hated gardening, a rustic space could be the solution. While you shouldn’t allow your garden to become too unmanageable, you can still look for fast-growing plants that make an immediate difference. 

These perennials will attract all sorts of wildlife, and you can also think about planting vegetables to further push the rustic feel. Likewise, vines wrapping around a standing birdhouse or ivy creeping across the walls will help make the space feel more real, and it can even add a satisfying secluded sensation that can make you and everyone else feel in the middle of nowhere and away from all the worries of the world. 

Rustic Revelation 

As much as some people want to make their home neat and tidy, others prefer something closer to a chaotic brilliance that still looks just right. There are many reasons to embrace the rustic style, including memories of your childhood or embracing who you really are. These tips can easily help you create the perfect rustic space outside and bring a welcoming atmosphere and plenty of character to your home. 

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