7 Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Living Room

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7 Ways to add a Touch of Luxury to Your Living Room

Is it simple to add a touch of luxury to our living rooms? Well, not all of us are able to buy a million-pound mansion in the hills that comes with a massive living room filled with rare art pieces, a ninety inch TV, and a sofa made of lizard skin. But we’d all love to have it because a bit of luxurious flair goes a long way in making our home feel more in-line with our taste for the finer things in life.

And come the time you want to sell your property, a classy interior that looks like it has been properly taken care of will justify a slightly higher asking price. Fortunately, adding a touch of luxury to your living room renovation doesn’t have to come at a luxurious price – with just a few clever tweaks and touches, you can transform yours.

Add a Statement Chair

So, you probably already have a good set of sofas dotted around your living room, but is there any other more standout seating in view? A statement chair can take the spotlight and add a sense of sophisticated charm to your living room, elevating its appeal and making it feel like a unique space.

Hang up a Large Art Piece

Another way to create an impressive focal point in your living room would be to hang up a large art piece on the wall. Standout pieces are synonymous with expensive interiors, which is why they always do a great job at elevating a space. Look around your local market or get creative and make your own art for high-impact, low-budget home improvement.

Get New Windows

New windows can really give a living room a completely new feel. There are a plethora of different types of windows on the market, but here are 6 of my favourites.

Go Round

Traditionally, tables tend to be rectangular as they are easier to include into our floorplans and decor. But what about doing something a bit different and opting for a round table? You may think that it’s just too awkward of a shape to fit into your design, but if you think about it they’re perfect. They are modern, take up less space, create a better traffic flow, and are even less of a hazard as there are no pointy edges. 

Replace Your Pillows

No living room, no matter how expensive, will look right with a set of pillows that grandma knitted 40 years ago adorning the sofas. Then again, people probably keep them around because great looking pillows aren’t always cheap. But worry not, as affordable solutions abound.

For example, you can pick up some scrap fabric from the local fabric store and sew them over your current pillows. You can use feather inserts or spare fabric to make them look and feel plusher. If you find a large enough piece of fabric, you could even make a throw to go over your sofa.

Incorporate a Floor Lamp

A well-designed floor lamp is as beautiful as it is functional and will add a sense of timeless sophistication to any living room. Without breaking the bank, no less. You can head over to Pagazzi to browse an excellent range of attractive and affordable floor lamps for any room in your home. There collection can be found here:  www.pagazzi.com/floor-lamps.

Add a touch of luxury: brown coffee table with pine cone decor and a sofa in the background

Play With Shapes

There is a certain beauty to perfectly cut rooms that maintain a focus on straight or curved lines. Did you know that switching up the shapes in your living room can too? By adding unique elements or silhouettes can add an artistic component to the space; and add a touch of luxury. Consider an unusual sculpture, a uniquely designed coffee table or a classy bonsai plant.

Upsize Your Curtains

A major element that makes living rooms look expensive is that they’re always on the larger side. Of course, chances are you can’t physically increase the size of your living room; but you can make it look more open and tall by installing curtains that drape onto the floor.

Clean up

Sometimes, the best way to add a touch of luxury is to simply clean it up a little. After all, a luxurious living room is never messy or cluttered. A simplified space not only adds a sense of sophistication but will also allow the elements that remain to truly shine and take the spotlight. You’ll also have less stuff to clean dust from, which is a major win.

What are your recommendations for making an interior look more classy? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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