8 Of The Cutest Things That You Could Do This Valentine’s Day For The Man in Your Life


Whatever your stance this Valentines day, you surely agree with me that if you have an other half it’s nice to be romantic sometimes, so why not do it on this day? However, instead of doing something that everyone else seems to be doing, how about planning something extra cute for the man in your life? Step away from the cheese that a traditional Valentines can bring. So no red roses, chocolates in a heart shaped box or champagne dinners this year. Embrace the cutesy and candy hearts for a change this year and plan something extra special. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

This Valentines Day: Dinner at Home

Instead of eating out, how about preparing an extra special Valentines meal at home this year? To make it different from any other night at home, think about dressing up for the occasion. Throw on a dress and heels and get yourself glammed up. You could choose one of his favourite meals to cook, as well as his favourite dessert. Then you can have a much more relaxed evening than it would be out at a stuffy formal dinner.

This Valentines Day: Plan a Day Trip

This year Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday. So it could prove awkward to plan something for the whole day unless you both agree to take some time off work. But you could plan a fun day out together for the weekend before perhaps. It could be a day at the theme park, a night away in a city you’ve not been to before, or perhaps even a spa day. You could even book yourselves in for a couples massage, for example, or send him off for a back hair removal treatment while you have a facial. It will just be nice to be together and do something that you don’t normally do.

This Valentines Day: Be Big Kids For The Day

Being an adult can be hard sometimes, can’t it? So to embrace the cute side of Valentines, why not be big kids for the day? You could do something fun like going to a trampoline park. They are all over the UK now and pretty cheap when it comes to a day out. You could go ice skating or play in the snow if you have any. A snowball fight and making snow angels just screams childhood, right? You could even find a local fair to visit. You’ll instantly be taken back to your childhood when there is some candy floss involved!

This Valentines Day: Dinner in Bed

We’ve all heard of breakfast in bed, haven’t we? So why not flip it on it’s head and so dinner in bed? It is a fun twist on something and is super cute when presented to your love. Then you can relax in each others company and chat the night away. Being sat in your bed and under your duvet eating a takeout sounds much nicer to me than having to sit in a posh restaurant sometimes, for sure.

This Valentines Day: Make a Scrapbook

You and your other half might prefer to keep valentines a little more low key. Quite a lot of couples do. They might exchange gifts but then carry on with their day as normal. So if that sounds more like you, then just make sure that you give a super cute and sentimental gift, over a generic beer, chocolate, and socks gift. Making a scrapbook or photo album is a great way to document what you have been doing together. So much of what we do is online now, and we rarely get physical pictures printed. So it will be an extra special gift if you took the time to do that. And to any men reading this, it works both ways too. I’m sure any female would appreciate this kind of gift too. It is super thoughtful and cute (especially if you include some of your thoughts and feelings on the photos or a love letter).

This Valentines Day: Make Ice Cream Sundaes

Doing something fun together after your day at work or home is always a good idea. It is fun to eat too, right?! So why not combine the two things. Making sundaes together is a really fun thing to do. You could get a variety of different toppings and sauces and then make an ‘ice-cream bar.’ It makes it fun to try different flavours and mix it all together. Perfect when paired with a movie too. This kind of idea would work well with many things, though. You could make a popcorn bar that you could add sprinkles, sauces, and toppings too. Or perhaps something like a fruit and chocolate bar, to dip different fruits in varieties of chocolate? Basically, desserts are always a winner!

Get Tickets to Something

There are all sorts of events you could get tickets to if you look online. It’s easy to find the tickets, just go to Google, and enter your search term (like Kevin Gates tour) and take a look at all the options for dates and locations – hopefully you’ll be able to find something near you. 

Do Something Crazy

If you like to live on the wild side, or your love is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, then why not book something a little out of the ordinary for the two of you to do? It could be something like a skydive or a bungee jump. If you have the ability to just get away whenever you can, then how about just turning up to an airport and booking a flight? You could also do something less expensive like skinny dipping or go paintballing. It is all about the memories that you are creating together that will make the day so memorable, enjoyable, and fun.

Have you got anything planned yet for Valentine’s Day?


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