8 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Russia and Book A Trans-Siberian Trip

8 Reasons To Travel to Russia Book A Trans-Siberian Trip

More people are choosing to travel to Russia, with many making their main destinations Moscow and St. Petersburg, or they choose to travel the entire country on the Trans-Siberian. Today I want to share with you 8 reasons why you should travel to Russia and book a Trans-Siberian trip.

Interested in why you should travel to Russia? Here are 8 reasons why!

1) Russia is massive

The Trans-Siberian trip from Moscow to Vladivostok takes about 6 days, and if you take the Trans-Mongolian, it can take 7 days. The train makes getting to come to cities, and overall around the country, much easier and more affordable.

2) Trains are a comfortable way to get around

Instead of planes and buses, you can walk around trains, enjoy flat beds and even pop off for a little fresh air every once in a while. You can read, watch movies on your laptop or tablet, socialize, and you don’t have to deal with airport security. Talk to a tour operator to find out more!

3) The train experience is unsurpassable

The journey is not half the adventure in this case – it’s the entire, unforgettable adventure! On the Trans-Siberian, you can ride in former Soviet surrounds, sleep for as long as you like, and overhear Russian conversations, or just meet the locals. Every train offers a new adventure and story.

4) Buying tickets can make it easier to get a Visa

Once of the most complex obstacles is the Russian visa process. It’s a costly visa and you usually need a letter of invitation and an itinerary before you even apply. But, when you choose the Trans-Siberian Travel Company, for your train tickets and itinerary, you can get all the information needed to speed up the visa process.

5) Explore the road less travelled

Taking a trip to Russia is certainly different to taking a quick trip to Western Europe. By taking a trip on the rails through Russia and surrounds, you get to explore the road less travelled.

6) Improve your Russian

Depending on the train you ride, and whether or not you choose to get on and off at different points, you are sure to come across a few parts of the ride where nobody really speaks English. It makes things fun as you try to learn or improve your Russian!

7) Avoid the Soviet aeroplane system

It’s a fact that the Russian airport system is riddled with bad experiences. While things have certainly changed somewhat, it’s still great when you can bypass airports.

8) You can customize your journey

Many people tend to think that travelling on the Trans-Mongolian or Trans-Siberian has to be done all in one go, but this is not the case – besides, sitting on a train for 5 to 7 days really isn’t everyone’s idea of a dream holiday. But, things don’t have to be that way. You can use a train booking service to plan an adventure, for example, from Beijing to St. Petersburg, with a ton of stops along the way, and in different classes of service.

A Trans-Siberian trip is a wonderful way to explore a vast amount of land, see amazing sights, and have the adventure of a lifetime!

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