8 Tips for a Comfortably Cool Home

Want to keep your cool when all about you are melting in the heat? Here’s how to keep your home comfortably chill no matter how sunny it gets outside.

Table of Contents – 8 Tips for a Comfortably Cool Home

Keep Out the Sun (Sorry, Sun)

Want to be cool? You’re going to want to block out that fiery ball in the sky. Sunlight pouring in might look pretty, but it turns your home into an oven quicker than you can say “sunburn.” Use blackout curtains, blinds, or shades on windows facing the sun. They’re like sunglasses for your house, keeping it chic and chill.

Roof Matters: It’s Cooler Up Top

Did you know that the color and material of your roofing can affect your home’s temperature? Light-colored or “cool” roofing materials reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat. It’s like wearing a white T-shirt in the summer instead of a black leather jacket. So, if you’re thinking about a new roof or some updates, consider going light. It’s a change that can keep you and your attic from baking.

Become a Fan of Fans

Ceiling fans are your best friends in the crusade against the heat. They circulate air, making rooms feel cooler even when the temperatures are up. Just make sure they’re spinning counterclockwise during the summer to push cool air down. It’s like having your own personal breeze on demand. Who needs the beach?

Unplug and Chill

Did you know that your electronics are mini heaters? It’s true! Appliances and gadgets emit heat when they’re plugged in, even if they’re turned off. Unplug anything you’re not using, like that lava lamp from 1999. Not only will you save on energy bills, but your home will also feel cooler.

Plant Some Shade

Think landscaping can’t cool your home? Think again. Planting leafy trees and shrubs
around your house, especially near windows and AC units, can provide shade and cool the air before it even reaches your walls. It’s like giving your house its own personal forest retreat.

Maintenance Is Key

Your air conditioner needs love, too. Regular maintenance like changing filters, checking for leaks, and ensuring it’s running efficiently can make a huge difference in how cool your home feels. Treat your AC like the life-saving hero it is, especially during those dog days of summer.

Seal the Leaks

If your home is older than your favorite classic rock album, it might be leaking cool air like a sieve. Seal up cracks around doors and windows with weatherstripping or caulk. It’s a quick fix that keeps the cool in and the heat out.

Cook Smart

Using your oven in the summer is like turning on a furnace in your kitchen. Opt for meals that don’t require cooking, or use the microwave, an outdoor grill, or a slow cooker instead. Your belly and your electric bill will thank you. Keeping your house cool, as you can see, is so simple you’d be a fool not to give the above a go and ensure you can always find your chill at home.

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