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I’ll tell ya what I want what I really, really want. What I want is to know whether this is 2019 or I’m stuck in a time warp?! Am I the only one that is seeing so much 90’s nostalgia and feeling old? C’mon … I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s been a few years in the making but it seems that 2019 is the year for all things 1990’s. From fashion, to makeup, to music! I, for one, am loving it. I never thought I’d be telling the youngsters how that was “in” when I was a kid, but alas, I am. And you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way! If you’re one for nostalgia, especially 90’s nostalgia, join me on this walk down memory lane to celebrate the best things from the 90’s in 2019.

The Music

The music from the 90’s is my jam. I’m quite a post-grunge fanatic but from the mid to late 90’s I definitely jumped on the boy band and girl group bandwagon. As we know though, one girl group takes the cake and that’s the Spice Girls! You have to be living under a rock if you don’t know that they’re touring the UK and Ireland at the moment. They are and the nation is going crazy!

Spice Girls superfan or not you have to admit that we all have Spice Girls favourite song. Wannabe seems to be the song that everyone identifies the girls with but for me it’s definitely Say You’ll be There.

Speaking of superfan, the Spice Girls teamed up with Walkers to find the Spice Girls Best Ever Fan! The winner will get a meet and greet with the girls, 4 VIP tickets to the London concert on the 15th of June concert, 5 star accommodation, and travel. The recently released ad is sure to be on your TV screens soon, but have a peek and check it out below. It’s actually really good.

The music from the 90’s is definitely making a comeback and the Spice Girls are taking charge!


Side note: I would share my crisps with Gary Lineker any day. Just sayin’.

The Fashion

The fashion in the 90’s was hit and miss for me. But I did have some favourite looks. Some I got to wear and some I didn’t. One look that I absolutely loved was the dungarees (or overalls as we call them in the States) and crop top look. I wasn’t allowed to wear them because crop tops were inappropriate, ha.

The second look, channeling Clueless was also a favourite. And another one that I wasn’t allowed to wear (see a pattern here?). Little did my parent’s know that my best friend had a “cool mom” that let her dress as she pleased. We used to go to school together so I used to change at her house before we left or take some of her clothes with me to change at school. Jokes on them.

I also wore lots of stripey tops in the 90’s and baby doll dresses, both which I’ve seen making the rounds on the high street! Bodysuits anyone? Let’s not forget “mom jeans”! Love them or hate them they are definitely back in and as a latina you better believe that I wore them just like in the pic above with stripey tops and dark lips.

The Makeup

My makeup staples in the 1990’s were; tweezers, to make my eyebrows as thin as possible (totally regret this one!); coloured mascara, I was partial to blue and purple; pressed powder, to cake on my face (2 shades lighter might I add); and either dark lips or frosted lips. It is embarrassing!

I don’t feel that embarrassed though, as Kylie Jenner made lip liner cool again. And brown lipstick is also back in vogue. Caking on the pressed powder, that can stay in the 90’s.

Are you embracing the 90’s nostalgia revival?

in collaboration with Walkers

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