A Day In The Life of A Gentleman for Hire

The words “male escort” often conjure up a certain notion in the minds of those who are curious. Perhaps this “idea” of what a male escort is (or is not) even comes with a stigma developed over time through the lens of media.

However, the daily life of a male escort is often anything but what most expect. In this article, we’ll interview a male escort (who wishes to remain anonymous) about what a “day in the life of a gentleman for hire” is really like.

Q: What kind of hours do you work on a typical day?

If there’s one thing you can count on as a “gentleman for hire” as you put it, its that there isn’t really a schedule. My work hours vary quite a bit. While it’s true that I get to basically set my own hours and schedule, often times my days are dictated by what works best for the client.

After all, this is a SERVICE business, and any good escort in the business will work to accommodate the needs of their clientele. Actually, if I had to compare it to any other profession, I’d say my daily hours might be similar to that of a personal trainer.

Some days I have an afternoon or an evening appointment, some days both. On other days I might be booked for a full day (and even a sleepover) with a single client, while other times I might be spending my time cultivating relationships via text, phone, social media you name it.

Q: So take us through your routine?

Sure. As a gentleman for hire, I’m expected to have a certain level of fitness, not just for athleticism, but a certain visual attractiveness that comes with a lean, athletic and muscular build. I never really got into bodybuilding, but having a dedicated fitness and diet plan in place is paramount. With that in mind, my day usually starts out most “self-employed” or independently contracted individuals.

Getting Started

Unless I’ve been out late the night before with a client, I wake up around 6 am. Most clients don’t expect any communications before at least 8-9 am so this gives me some “me” time to get my head right for the day. I usually spend 15 or so minutes meditating, then grab coffee and shortly after prep for my morning run. Weather permitting, I prefer running outdoors, but if not I hit the treadmill.

Before Noon

After my morning run, I stretch then hit the showers. Nothing really notable here. After the usual upkeep on hygiene (which I might be a little more particular about than your average male), I fire up the laptop.

Q: What do you mean about being more particular with hygiene?

Look, every man, escort or otherwise take two types of showers. The shower before say going to work or out with your buddies, and the shower and prep when you think you might be intimate with someone that night.. The difference is for me, I need to physically, mentally and emotionally be at peak form at all times. Not to sound arrogant or conceded, but I am a commodity. You would pay less for a car with some scratches on it or a dent in its hood right? Same principle here.

So my shower and hygiene routine includes the usual shower, but then also daily shaving and trimming of face and body. Professional waxing sessions are scheduled but between those I’m on my own for upkeep. In addition to trimming the hedges as it were, there’s the lotions to keep my skin soft and hydrated, the hair gels and conditioners, cologne, nail trimming and filing, and so on. 

Q: That sounds like a lot of work, what’s next? 

Eh, it is and it’s not. You get used to it, and honestly, a lot of women already spend that kind of time day in and day out just going about their normal lives. As men, we have it easy. For most of us we take a 10 min shower max and call it a day. 

Ok so on with my day. After my shower and getting dressed I fire up the laptop. I have a home “office” where I keep my files organized. After all, I’m an independent business operator. So I have expenses, accounting, taxes, receipts, and accounts receivable. All the usual things any business would expect. The only difference is that I am the product (laughs).

Q: Speaking of business, how much of your day is “Business” vs “Getting down to Business”? 

I get asked this a LOT lol…honestly “sex” takes up the least amount of my time. I’d say depending on the day I might spend 1-4 hours in the office. A few hours is usually dedicated to maintaining “relationships” or cultivating relationships with clients.

Other time is spent marketing or prospecting for new clients and setting up initial screenings or meetings to see if we’re a good fit for each other. The majority of my clients come from referrals so I don’t spend too much time trying to find new business.

Q: When do you meet with clients and what is that routine like?

Ok so let’s say my morning routine is out of the way. I could potentially have appointments with clients at any time throughout the day. I try to reserve morning and lunchtime slots for “new” clients, but dinner drinks are just as acceptable.

My routine really depends on a blend of new clients and any obligations or dates I have with existing clients.

Morning “dates” are usually a “get to know you” session. We see what kind of chemistry there is, both physically and mentally. Are we comfortable with each other? Do we find each other interesting? It goes both ways. Early on I took on more clients than maybe I should have, but now that I’ve had more experience I understand the importance of making a real and meaningful connection with people. 

Afternoon dates for a gentleman for hire can be casual, or have the potential to turn into something more as we encroach on the evening. 

Evening dates usually include drinks, dinner or both. We might go to a restaurant, see a concert, or go for a romantic stroll. Each date, no matter the time of day is tailored to the client’s unique preferences, ideas, fantasies, and expectations.

Being spontaneous is important, as is taking charge, so I generally receive an outline of what the client wants then I take it from there. 

Depending on what the client has paid for, a date with a gentleman for hire can last from a few hours to a whole evening, and may even include a sleepover. Some of my clients even book me for entire weekend getaways.

And that’s it, minus the sultry details. 

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