A Guide to Bohemian Dress and Other Boho Garments

Are you a Boho girl? If so, you must adore this style, whose origins go back to the 1960s in the era of the hippies. The wardrobes of Boho girls are full of eye-catching prints, vibrant hues, natural fabrics, earthy tones, flowy silhouettes, chunky jewelry, oversized items, etc. 

The inspiration for this style came from the gypsies, who wore almost all of their clothing when traveling, which explains the layering. There is a multitude of Bohemian garments online, such as the Aura – boho midi dress, which is fancy and sophisticated.

The following guide provides insight into Bohemian garments. 


Some of the most prominent Bohemian tops include garments made of white lace, embroidered blouses, peasant tops with ethnic prints, and tunics with mixed print. There are certain elements to look for when shopping for Boho tops, such as relaxed and loose fits, bishop and bell sleeves, and sleeves with a half and three-quarter length. 

As far as decoration is concerned, ethnic prints and pompoms are the most preferred patterns. Also, tops with mixed print designs are a hit. Regarding necklines and cuts, V necklines and off-shoulder cuts are typical for this fashion style. 


Bohemian bottoms feature flared jeans, ripped denim shorts, maxi skirts with prints, and harem pants. Maxi and midi skirts should be simple with minimal patterns in order to be able to build outfits, such as combining them with a crop top in a solid color or a graphic T-shirt. 

Flared jeans look stylish with certain shoe types like wedges, flat sandals, platform sandals, and high-heeled boots. In winter, you can wear these jeans with a sweater and a large scarf. The elements to look for in Boho bottoms are flowy skirts, relaxed fits, embroideries, and flared silhouettes. Check out the best shoes to wear with flare jeans and bell-bottoms in 2021.


Maxi dresses are essential items of Bohemian wardrobes, mostly available in earth tones. These dresses are floaty and come with bell sleeves. Women can style maxi dresses differently throughout the year by wearing sandals during the summer period and replacing sandals with ankle boots once autumn begins. Knitted cardigans are ideal for layering when the weather gets cold, even if you just throw them across your shoulders. 

In summer, females can wear a maxi dress with jewelry and wedges for an evening look. For a casual look, you can add a denim vest to complete the outfit and make it casual. Maxi dresses can even be turned into skirts by wearing a sweater over them. 


Bohemian outerwear includes denim jackets, knitted cardigans, kimonos in Boho prints, and sheepskin coats. The elements to look for in outerwear are cozy and oversize items, decorative fringe, and distressed elements. For instance, cardigans are amazing layering pieces, which can be worn in spring, autumn, and fall. 

For a unique appearance, you can add a chunky cardigan over a T-shirt and a mini skirt. You can pair the skirt with glitter tights and boots. Another idea for a Boho look is wearing an oversize cardigan over a tank top and bell-bottoms with ankle boots. See this link, https://stylishlyme.com/style-guides/oversized-cardigan-outfit-ideas/, for some oversized cardigan outfit ideas. 


When it comes to Bohemian footwear, women should consider wearing gladiator sandals, heeled clogs, and suede ankle boots. The hues should be natural and warm, like brown and beige. Although chunky heels are an essential element of this fashion style, they should still be comfortable. Leather and faux leather sandals are ideal for warm weather, as these shoes are light, fashionable, and summery. 

Make no compromises regarding versatility by choosing a style that’s convenient to slip on and off. If looking for a statement item, why not wear lace-up sandals, which look so chic with denim shorts. In contrast, ankle boots are another wardrobe essential for any Boho girl. The heels of these boots shouldn’t be too skinny or high to stay comfortable. 

Ankle boots can be worn in various ways by pairing them with different clothing pieces. Most Boho girls love wearing them with flare jeans and a loose sweater for a casual look. Nothing prevents you from combining them with dresses and skirts. When wearing a maxi skirt, the boots should be more fitted. If wearing a mini skirt, the boots can be chunkier. 


Bohemian accessories range from layered jewelry and headbands to wide-brimmed or Fedora hats. Jewelry pieces should be quirky and unique, incorporating elements like stone, wood, coral, and suede. Women fond of earrings can wear statement pieces like large earrings and geometric shapes. Layered necklaces can make simple outfits look fabulous. Beaded bracelets in gold and silver color are always stylish and provide an opportunity for layering. 

Chic head wraps and hairbands are other accessories that dominate the Boho style. These accessories look amazing across the forehead, but you can also wear them past the hairline to prevent the tightness of the elastic. Hairbands make hairstyles glamorous, even on bad-hair days. Make sure to texture your hair before wearing such a hair accessory by curling it or making it wavy. 

Boho-style hats include wide-brim and Fedora hats. There is an array of such hats online, meaning you can find some to incorporate in your summer and winter outfits. 

Final word

If you are a free-spirited person, why not try the Boho style? 

It’s natural, vibrant, and quirky!

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