A Guide To Buying Loose Diamonds

While it isn’t a secret that you can actually buy loose diamonds and have a diamond engagement ring made, retail jewellers do not advertise this as an option. And when you consider the savings that are to be had by selecting loose stones and customising your ring, it’s no surprise that jewellers keep quiet about it!

Eliminate The Need For Retailer

We all know how these things work. You go to a retail jeweller, tell them what you are looking for, and they show you their collection of diamond engagement rings. Of course, as the consumer, you are paying not only for the diamonds, but also for the glitzy retail store where the rings are located.

But there is another way, one that even allows you to custom design the ring. And you’ll pay less than you would if you went to your local jewellery store. 

Not all loose diamond dealers have an in-house ring design team. But they are out there, and some are award-winning companies that create stunning diamond engagement rings. This actually works out cheaper than walking into a high street retail jewellery store and picking a ring from their selection. There are loose diamonds for sale in Brisbane from an established company, and they can also custom design the ring. This is a far better idea than simply choosing one from a shop window.

Know What You Are Looking At

Prior to contacting a loose diamond dealer, you are advised to do a little online research; learn about the 4Cs, which is the global system for diamond grading. With this in mind, you can check out articles available online that will give you a list of common diamond cuts to help you to gain a better understanding of what a quality diamond looks like. The cut is perhaps the most important for sparkle factor. With a firm budget in mind, you can talk to a respected wholesale diamond dealer with some confidence that you know what you want.

Calculate A Budget

Prior to making contact with a loose diamond dealer, work out how much you are prepared to invest in the ring. This will give the diamond dealer something to work with. Don’t be surprised if the final price is a lot lower than you were expecting. It is very easy to compare using online searches, and the fact that you went to all the trouble of having a special ring made for your partner will not be forgotten.

Respectable Diamond Wholesaler

It is, of course, essential when buying loose diamonds that you only deal with a recognised wholesale diamond dealer, which is something you can research online. If the diamond merchant has offices nearby, even better. You can pay them a visit and see for yourself what kind of set up they have. The designer can show you a few concept ideas, and together, you can plan the perfect ring that she will love forever.

Rather than paying more for something existing, select your very own diamonds and have the ring custom made and you will be very glad that you did. Buying loose diamonds is dedinitely the way to go!

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