A Letter to my Sister to Commemorate her Wedding Day


Dear Sister,

I remember the day you were born as if it were just yesterday. Mom had been taken to the hospital overnight and early that morning dad came to my bed and nudged me awake to give me the news that you had entered the world. I was excited and eager to have you at home and I quickly jumped out of bed because at that point my priority was ensuring that you had a clean and sterile home to come to. It’s strange how my 15 year old mind worked, but all I knew is that I wanted things to be perfect for you and at that time that was all I could do.

The moment you came into our home was a blur. I suppose the excitement and flurry of emotions didn’t etch that moment into my memory, but all I remember is that that summer was one of the best summers of my life.

As it normally happens, our parents went back to work, and I was tasked with helping take care of the most beautiful little newborn that I had ever seen. I suppose I hadn’t really seen a lot of newborns first hand, but in my heart you were the most special little girl of them all. Sniffing you was one of my favourite things to do. That new baby smell was so lovely, and your fuzzy little neck was my favourite place to smell. I remember when you would nap on my chest for hours. Listening to my heartbeat helped you keep calm, and nothing gave me more joy that holding you tight.

Fast forward 12 years, and I can recall clearly the day that I left you behind bawling for me as I headed on one of my adventures. I was 27 years old and I had had enough of being in a rut. My life was good, don’t get me wrong. I had our family, and most importantly I had you, but I wanted to go explore the world. I knew there was more for me out there, and you were too young to understand. As I drove 800 miles from home, my heart broke, but I knew that you were my sister and not my own daughter, so I must let you go and let myself find the adventures that I so longed for.

You were almost 14 when I came to the UK. You were a happy, level headed, person with her own personality and strong character. You were a young lady, and I couldn’t be more proud. Many things have happened for both of us in the time I’ve been away, but none more significant than the day that you told me you were getting married!

A short few weeks ago you gave me the news that you were in love and getting married. Maternal instinct kicked in for a minute, literally, and the thought of my little princess getting married shocked me. In that minute a flash of realization kicked in and I saw you for what you are now, not what you were in the past. You are now an adult. A woman. Who though, only 19, is a pillar of strength and courage, is level headed yet young and adventurous and deserves to make the choices that she wants to make and go on adventures of her own.

Sister, your big day has come and gone, and though I carry the guilt that I may have failed you by not experiencing this moment with you, I must live with and accept that. The joy in your voice and your face is contagious and it’s enough for anyone to see that you are in love.

I believe in you every step of the way sister. I believe in your choices, I believe in your dreams, I believe in you, and in everything that comes with you. I believe that you deserve to spread your wings. You deserve everything that life has to offer. There are bad moments one may go through in life. You are not immune from disappointments, as much as I wish you could be. I cannot shield you and protect you from life. Nor would I want to. You deserve to live life on your terms and find your happily ever after.

Finding a mate is one of the joys of life. In a mate one can find peace, chaos, pleasure, stability and so many other things that can help you feel whole. I found that later in life, and you found that earlier on but I know that the timing is always right. And I believe your time is now.

No matter how old you may be sister, you will always be my little princess. xx

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