A Quick Guide to Selling Your House Without a Real Estate Agent


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It’s a common practice to hire a real estate agent to sell a property. But it’s not a legal compulsion. If you don’t want to share a percentage of the profit with a third party then you can certainly carry out the selling deal on your own by taking care of a few things.  

Picking a Time Window for the Listing

To get a good deal, it is important to carefully choose the time window when you want to list your property. Generally, from March to May is considered ideal for listing your house for sale. There are two reasons why this time window is deemed as the best period for a seller.

  • It’s a great season with plenty of sunlight when sellers can present their house in the best possible way
  • It comes after the holiday season where many people have sorted their priorities for the rest of the year

But if you have to sell your property in the off-season, follow these tips for owners selling property in a buyer’s market. If you are able to get a good price for your home in buyer’s market, then you can sell it at any time of the year.

Preparing Your House

You can choose any time of the year to list your house, but preparing it for the sell is a must. There are a few things you can do to prepare your house in order to make a more profitable deal.

Focusing on the Interior: Renovating your house according to the current home interior trends will make your property more valuable and prized, 

Plants and landscaping: Decorating your house with flowers and plants can make a striking impression on the visiting buyers. Indoor plants can do the trick without taking up too much space. Decide whether you want to spruce up already planted vegetation or if you want new plants before listing your house.


With listing your house for sale, it is important to put into practice a good marketing strategy. Use both online and offline mediums to reach prospective buyers. Print attractive flyers with high-quality pictures of your home and get them distributed among the prospective market.  

Similarly, put up the pictures and other details of your property on online property portals to garner more interest and for an eventual better deal.

Get Your Attorney in the Loop

Your attorney can be of great help in drawing up the contract and other paperwork regarding the transaction. He will also educate you regarding the formal requirements needed for a property transaction. Get all the documents you receive checked and authenticated by your attorney before signing anything.  

Prepare to Move

If all things go according to the plan; then prepare to leave your house in the condition in which the buyer has seen during inspection. Also, make sure that you are done with the promised repairs and other changes for smooth sailing towards the closing. While I definitely love the idea of selling your house without a real estate, moving is a different matter altogether. Companies like Calgary movers and storage can make the tough job of moving home very straightforward.

Selling a house without a real estate agent is a demanding task but you can certainly meet this challenge with the right groundwork!

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