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Air conditioning is an invention that has made a real revolution in households. Over time, these devices have been perfected and become very complex, with the intention of increasing their efficiency. But, an AC unit that is absolutely reliable has not yet been invented.

DIY troubleshooting and repairs can sometimes save the day. But not everyone is able to solve AC bugs on their own. That’s why there are professionals like who can take the trouble around a broken or outdated air conditioner off your back.

Wrong problem detection can be the source of all troubles for DIY-ers. It could be dangerous if you don’t know what to do or which safety measures to take. You may end up doing further damage to your unit or even risking your life. Calling a professional AC technician will save your time and give you peace of mind.

Unusual Noises

Sometimes you will hear noises when the unit is working. It’s normal and indicates that the airflow has been increased. It also means that the cooling system has been started. But if the sound keeps running up and becomes too loud, it could indicate a problem with the ducts or maybe the blower. 

Do you hear a humming when the system is not cooling down properly? Sometimes, these annoying sounds are caused by wrong settings on your thermostat or dirty filters. But in most cases, there could be some serious problems. It’s a common situation in old systems, with outdated technology and installations. You really shouldn’t do anything but call a professional technician to detect and solve the problem.

Sometimes, noise problems with the AC unit can be caused by a low refrigerant level, dirty filters, clogged lines, and even defective fans. As these situations are almost daily for them, experienced AC technicians will troubleshoot the problem fast and get your system running the way it should be.

Heating Up

AC repairs New Lenox

Another sign to call an AC technician is if your system is heating up quickly or taking a long time to blow cold air. In these cases, it may be that the trouble with the fan or a unit has run out of refrigerant. Although these sound like minor bugs, you shouldn’t risk solving them on your own, especially if it’s about refrigerants.

Whatever the reason is, if your air conditioner is not cooling down, you should call a technician. Unusually high temperatures of the room and system might be caused by broken coolant hoses, faulty compressors, or worn-down motors. 

In this case, the repair might be complex. It may even be necessary to replace one part of the system. Call a technician to look at your system; with proper troubleshooting, they might save you some money.

Unusual Smells

Do you smell something that is not like the smoke from a fire? Have you ever smelled a pungent odor in the air? The stench is often caused by congestion in some parts of the system, the deposition of dirt, and even dead rodents or birds. 

Sometimes an unpleasant odor can have to do with installations, so it’s clear why you shouldn’t inspect this yourself. Bad smell often indicates bacteria and allergens somewhere inside the system, which can be a significant health risk. Professionals often know to assess where the problem may be based on the odor.

Condensation Issues

AC repairs New Lenox

There are certain signs that tell you when to call an air conditioning technician. Condensation is one of them, especially if you notice it along with sluggish system work. On this page, you can find out what causes water leakage.

 Common signs of a problem are puddles or water droplets on the AC unit. Although sometimes the problem is very small, such as a cracked hose or a full collector, it should not be ignored.

A big risk of water in the AC system is its contact with electrical installations. Since water acts as a conductor, one small spark from a slightly damaged electrical wire is enough to cause a disaster. It can cause a major breakdown, and that can sometimes lead to a fire or explosion. It’s a risk you don’t want to take.

Also, ignoring the water near the cooling unit exposes your home to possible mold and rot, as well as damage to floors and walls. These can be quite expensive repairs. Therefore, already at the first signs of condensation, you should call a reliable AC technician.

AC devices are complex machines with many parts. If something goes wrong, you may need many hours to troubleshoot and solve the problem. Poorly done repairs can cause even more damage to the AC unit. You also risk having negative effects on your health and safety. So, if your cooling system is sluggish or down, find a professional to come and inspect it.


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