How to Achieve your Goals – Focus! Motivate! Action!

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When you are trying to churn up enough determination to achieve your goals, no matter how big or small, there are certain factors that need to be assessed before you can truly commit to whatever you’ve set your mind to.

Clear Your Mind

If you are committing yourself to too many things, you can get run down with trying to organise yourself through them effectively. Cut out both the things and people that you don’t need in your life; commitments that you know you don’t ever want to stick to, projects you can’t adhere to because you don’t agree with the principles – it even boils down to music that you shouldn’t be listening to because you don’t really like it, but are doing so because everybody else is listening to the same stuff.

Stop being a sheep and clear your mind completely. Exercise is great for setting aside space in your head. There are certain activities that you can do, such as running and yoga, in which you don’t have to put much effort into thinking about what you’re doing like you would in a team sport or at a dance class. It is these sorts of exercise that you need to aim for in order to release yourself from exterior barriers.

Clear Your Self

You don’t necessarily need to go on a diet to help you get motivated; sometimes you need motivation just for the diet itself. Getting yourself into a routine involving food is generally the way to go as your first port of call. Even if it’s just making time for breakfast or drinking a couple of extra glasses of water a day, tiny steps towards where you need to be all amount up to something in the end. Every little helps.

Clear Your Space

A cluttered house is a sign of a cluttered mind – or so they say. The fact is, it’s actually a lot more convenient for you to work in a clear space. And there is a lot less to distract you from your work or train of thought. Procrastination is not the objective that you should be aiming for, and it certainly isn’t going to be helpful for you to achieve whatever goal you have set out for yourself. The clearer the space that you are working from, the more physical room you have to spread your ideas out.

Clearing clutter can also serve as a source of motivation once you are done. It can take a lot to completely turn around a space that has been harbouring unnecessary items for weeks or months (even years in some cases). Once you are finished doing that you can transfer the energy onto other projects easily enough. Some people can take creativity from what is lying around them. But if you are doing something that requires pure focus and concentration then this excuse can’t be used. In this situation you need to try and help yourself, not hinder your chances of getting important tasks done!

Do you feel that you manage to achieve your goals?


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