5 Advantages of using Bamboo Cloth for Men’s Underwear

Undergarments have gone a long way since the use of men’s loincloths. There are recent advancements in the underwear industry that lead to this assumption. For instance, did you know that modern textile technology has made it possible to make men’s underwear out of bamboo? The earliest patent on bamboo usage as mats, paper, and cloth was in 1864, but the use of its fibres only came about in the early 2000s. 

When you think of bamboo, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a giant panda munching on a stick. But studies say that there are more than 1,000 species of it across the globe. Only 50 have found their use in commercial commodities. It is also environment-friendly, so it comes as no surprise that the cloth made out of it is now possible and doable. These are the reasons why bamboo textiles are widely popular in the world of undergarments:


Bamboo cloth underwear is good because bamboo has non-irritant properties. It is naturally silky, soft, and smooth because every strand of fibre is round and smooth. It is chemical-free, so it will not leave rough residue on the threads, which will not irritate even the most sensitive of skin. 

Antibacterial and a high sweat absorption 

Bacteria thrive in a moisture-rich environment. Genital secretion allows it to spawn different types of illnesses. Urinary tract infections, ringworm episodes, and other pubic skin diseases are a direct threat to the health of a person.

Manufacturers know that they need to take drastic measures in their choice of textile. Fortunately, the 99.8 antibacterial rate of soft bamboo fabric quickly dries wetness and helps keep the wearer’s crotch-linked disease-free. It is more absorbent than the regular men’s underwear made of cotton. 

The silky fabric also allows for fast absorption and quicker sweat evaporation, which means odour-causing bacteria, is also quickly eliminated. Hence, it keeps you smelling fresh for a longer time. 

A great insulator

Bamboo, as a plant, already has a lot of functions. When converted to textiles, it still retains its multifaceted purposes. Its built-in temperature control system is one of them. Underwear made out of bamboo keeps you warm in the freezing winter, but snug and cool during hot weather. 

Bamboo cloth is used for men's underwear and this sleeping panda agrees Bamboo is comfortable


Some men find it troublesome to wear tighter underwear because of its low comfortability. But bamboo cloth underwear are velvety and soft to the touch. It is so comfortable that if you wore a pair, you wouldn’t even realise that you were wearing one, it would feel like a second skin. Its barely-there characteristic makes it excellent for everyday use. 


The movement to save the planet Earth has gone through great lengths in the past decade. Awareness of eco-friendly practices has reached an all-time high. The underwear industry is not exempt. Bamboo is one of nature’s gifts to humankind. The whole plant has several uses, so there is no wastage when harvested. A lot of manufacturers are making the switch from cotton to bamboo because of its many applications.

Briefs and boxers made out of bamboo will leave your privates fresh, yet well-protected from the inside out. It also gives men an extra confidence boost, knowing that their undies will always defend and protect them no matter what happens. 

Guest post by Alice Johnson

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