Why Afternoon Tea is The Perfect Social Activity

Afternoon tea at my house consists of making yourself a quick cuppa. And either having that with a couple of biscuits or a sandwich. To, as my other half says, “keep you going” until dinner. In UK homes its just a part of our daily routine; but there’s something about going out for afternoon tea that changes everything! Making it the perfect social activity.

So, why is afternoon tea the perfect social activity?

Before getting into that let’s find out a little bit about the history of this quintessentially British institution.

The History of Afternoon Tea

In the year 1840, Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, found herself to be getting quite peckish between lunch and dinner. Dinner in her house was served about 20:00, quite abnormal for a British household, so the gap between lunch and dinner was quite a long one for poor Anna. Unable to tame her tummy she requested that her servants bring her a tray of tea and food in the late afternoon, as you do. This quickly became a routine and that routine then became a tradition.

Not one to want to enjoy this new routine alone Anna invited her friends to join her. They enjoyed this afternoon break from their days so much that it quickly became a way for the ladies of leisure to take some time for themselves all whilst making a grand occasion out of it.

Now that we know a bit of the history it makes sense that we want to emulate Anna and indulge in afternoon tea. I’m sure most of us don’t have a drawing room so, what are the best ways to do so?

Having a Spa Day 

Most of us rarely take time to really pamper ourselves. Taking a pamper day for yourself or to enjoy with your girlfriends is a treat in and of itself. Couple that with afternoon tea and the day is complete. There are many beautiful places to enjoy afternoon tea in throughout the country but afternoon tea in Cheshire is ideal for those of us in the North West.

Opting for a Different Kind of Party

If you have a birthday party of another party of some sort around the corner consider having a tea party. If your goal is to impress then this is certainly the way to do so. If you’re planning on keeping it simple then skip the caterers and have yourself some cucumber sandwiches and scones. The important thing is that you enjoy the company and the intimate setting that a tea party offers. Even my 5-year-old niece understands how lovely a tea party is to celebrate your birthday; as this is exactly the sort of party she has asked for!

Take a look at the infographic below for more ideas on how to enjoy afternoon tea as the perfect social activity. After all, if you’re in good company and enjoying good tea and food what’s not to love?

afternoon tea

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