Alternative Ways to Propose to Your Beloved

Getting married is a beautiful way to show love, appreciation and dedication to your partner. Traditionally, diamond and sapphire engagement rings are the jewellery piece of choice for such an occasion. Yet you or your partner may not care for jewellery in the same way most people do. Fortunately, there are numerous alternative ways to propose to your beloved.

Thoughtful Prose

The pen is mightier than the sword, and the power of the written word is undeniable. Much like writing your vows, you could put pen to paper, or digit to key, and draft an elaborate poem, sonnet or clever limerick to show how much you value your partner. Of course, you can do this in all manner of creative ways. Rather than plain text on a piece of paper, you could develop a scrapbook looking over your time together, a digital presentation. Writing or recording your proposal is an excellent choice if you have trouble expressing yourself face to face.


In some ways, a tattoo is a more severe expression of commitment. Your willingness to mark your body forever with ink shows just how far you are willing to go. Of course, a ring symbolizes your feelings, but it can be removed. A tattoo cannot be easily removed. Perhaps this is an option more for tattoo lovers. Still, you can’t deny it’s just as romantic as any piece of jewellery. Additionally, a tattoo can be anything. So rather than a traditional ring tattoo, you could have something else tattooed. Maybe you could tattoo a commitment, your partner’s name or something special between you.

Alternative Jewelry

Alternative Ways to Propose to Your Beloved

An engagement ring is a traditional way to propose, but who says the jewellery even has to be a ring? There are tons of jewellery options out there. A necklace, a bracelet or a charm band are lovely ideas that a woman would treasure. And for the man, maybe a vintage watch or a particular pair of cufflinks. You can customize most jewellery, and items like lockets and pendants have enough space to inscribe something special. You can also have photographs and holograms inserted into these types of necklaces to make them even more special.

An Elaborate Gift

In addition to traditional jewellery, you could extend the gesture of a wedding proposal with an elaborate gift. Art is highly collectable these days, and pieces from an up and coming talent appreciate in value. Family heirlooms are also an excellent way of officially welcoming someone into your family. Perhaps a passed-down ring or antique would be appreciated. And then there are monetary gestures. For example, maybe your betrothed holds substantial student debt or other loan repayments. You could pay these off or contribute as a gesture of goodwill.

A Furry Family Addition

Before starting your new life together, you could introduce a new family addition earlier than expected. Getting a pet, like a dog, is a commitment that takes dedication. This is an excellent symbolic gesture to show your partner how seriously you take your relationship and that you are ready to take the next step towards a solid commitment. Just make sure you talk about this first since you can’t really return a puppy once you purchase it.

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