My Antique Ring Wishlist with Berganza

Yellow sapphire and diamond ring, circa 1950 | Berganza / Raymond Yard moonstone and diamond ring, circa 1940 | Berganza / Oscar Heyman Brothers sapphire and diamond ballerina cluster ring,… / Vintage emerald-cut diamond ring, circa 1950. | Berganza / Byzantine monogram ring in gold, circa 6th-8th century AD | Berganza / Egyptian scarab swivel ring, circa 664-332 BC. | Berganza / Ancient Egyptian snake ring, circa 30BC-323AD | Berganza

Antique Ring Wishlist Berganza

I know that I am not alone when I say that I like my bling. I think it’s natural to be drawn to a beautiful piece of jewellery and to ogle at it and wish it were in your possession. Many may classify themselves as magpies, but I tend to think that there’s more to beautiful jewellery than the bling. I tend to be attracted to pieces that are unusual, unique, and that have a history; which is why I am completely taken by the likes of Berganza antique jewellery.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and jewellery on the minds of many, it’s the perfect time to share with you some of my favourite pieces from the Berganza website in a wishlist. Sure, the prices of these rings are nowhere near high street value, but if I could treat myself to a Valentine’s Day piece of jewellery I would pick one of these gorgeous and unique designs.

Berganza specialises in antique jewellery and houses one of the most extensive collections of antique rings in the world. Their collection houses pieces that were made at a time when there was no mass manufacturing. Berganza is based in Hatton Garden, London.

What do you think of my wishlist? Which ring is your favourite?

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