Archery: A Family-Friendly Year-Round Sport

Family bonding through sports can forge strong connections, build teamwork skills, and create lasting memories you’ll hold onto for years to come. However, it’s hard to find a sport that fits a wide range of skill levels, can be enjoyed by all physical types, and is available all year long. 

Archery is a uniquely exciting sport that can adapt to the archer and all of the seasons. This makes it a great outlet to grow and learn with your spouse and kids. It encourages patience, concentration, and social skills without a high barrier of entry. 

Here’s why you should consider archery as your next family bonding experience that can serve as a source of deep connection year-round:

Getting the Family Into Archery

The first step to building a familial love of archery is to get everyone excited about the prospect and involved in the initial education and practice. Once everyone’s onboard, you’ll find that archery and kids go hand in hand all year.

When Is the Right Time to Start?

It can be tough to determine the right time to introduce archery and kids. Some parents worry that their kids might be too young to be around a weapon, but when used properly, a bow and arrow is more like a piece of sports equipment than anything else.

Major organizations like USA Archery begin their junior archery development program at age 8, so that’s a good guideline. Some parents feel comfortable letting their child shoot even before then. Make an educated decision for your family based on your child’s capabilities and skill level.

Preteens are in the perfect window to develop a strong passion for archery, so pay special attention to your tweens who show interest in the sport.

Learn About The History of Archery

Archery dates back to the Stone Age, and early people from the Ancient Egyptians to China’s Shang Dynasty used it for hunting and warfare purposes. The long, rich history behind the modern practice of archery could be a fascinating topic over family dinners as each of you researches different aspects of the sport.

Begin with the Fundamentals

Archery fundamentals begin with a proper stance, relaxed grip, and laser-focused concentration. Starting with these basics gives everyone in the family an equal foundation to start on and ensures that no one will look over the critical details as a beginner.

Setting up a basic target space in the backyard is a great way to get everyone involved after work and school without throwing off daily schedules. Whenever one of your kids finishes their homework, they can head outside to work on their anchor point or practice a consistent, smooth release. Mom or dad can join after making dinner, and it becomes a fun night outdoors for everyone.

Archery Benefits the Whole Family

Archery is a fantastic way to get active and involved in sports as a family, no matter what season. These are some of the top reasons to consider taking it on as your new all-the-time family hobby.

No Off-Season Blues

Seasonal sports occur during a small window of time – a few weeks or a month or two. Archery isn’t seasonal, which means the whole family can enjoy the sport at indoor ranges year-round. There are no practice cancellations because of the weather, and you can spend even the coldest days breaking a sweat indoors with a bow and arrow.

Build Valuable Skills

Archery is also an excellent opportunity to develop family skills. You can help your little ones establish strong focus and concentration, watch your teens learn how to communicate well with others, and train yourself in the art of real patience and relaxation. These are valuable skills that will apply to situations at work, home, and play the rest of your lives.

Little Risk

Sports like football, hockey, and basketball can lead to severe injuries. Archery, by nature, isn’t a highly active sport, which significantly reduces the risk of injury when everyone follows safety rules. Accidents can happen in any activity, but the lack of running, jumping, and personal contact will mitigate that potential.

Great for All Skills and Sizes

Archery can be easily adapted to fit the archers’ needs at all skill levels, sizes, and abilities. It’s even been a Paralympic sport for over 30 years. No matter how varied your family is, everyone will find something to love about it. That’s why archery and kids fit so well. 

Adults love getting the family time that comes with group archery, and kids think it’s a fun way to practice their concentration and aim.

Enjoy Archery Together, Every Day

Is archery something you used to enjoy in the past that you’ve thought about picking up again? Perhaps you’re just on the hunt for something active and engaging to do as a family.

Whatever the case may be, archery is an exceptional family activity that will stimulate your minds, expand your skill set, and strengthen your familial ties every year. Get started today!


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