Are Your Air Filters Working? 7 Signs They Need To Be Replaced

Most of us don’t put a lot of thought into our air filters, but we really should be. For those unfamiliar, air filters are made of spun fiberglass, which clean the air that circulates through your cooling and heating system by containing and trapping contaminants such as mould spores, pollen, dust, microorganisms, pet hair, and so on.

Over time, such filters capture a lot of contaminants and may become clogged. Once it happens, air flow will be restricted, which reduces your system’s efficiency and the filters may start to release contaminants. The question then becomes: are your air filters working? Probably not. If you want to prevent this, it’s important to know the signs when to replace your air filters with quality ones like 20x20x1 filters at Filter King.

Below are the signs that your air filters need to be replaced:

1. Your Electricity Bill Keeps Increasing

A huge chunk of your power bill every month is derived from the energy your house uses for cooling and heating. Clogged air filters will make the unit work harder to control the temperature in your house, which may consume more energy. If your bill is continuously increasing but you haven’t been changing your usage habits, are your air filters working properly? Probably not!

2. Your Unit Runs Longer Than Usual

If your unit seems to be running longer than it typically does, dirty air filters might be the reason. Your unit cools your house by drawing in warm air from your home and stripping the air of heat. However, if your air filters are clogged, your unit won’t suck in as much air as it requires every cooling cycle. This is a classic sign of a problem when you are wondering are your air filters working. It means that your unit will blow less cooled air into your house per cycle, which may cause your unit to run longer just to meet the temperature you’ve set.

If it happens frequently, check your air filters and replace them if they’re dirty. If it’s a bigger problem, get HVAC repairs from the experts.

3. More Dust In Your Home

If you notice a rapid buildup of dust around your house despite frequent and regular housekeeping, it might be a sign of dirty air filters.

Air filters are in charge of catching debris and dust before they enter your unit. It keeps the internal parts of your unit from becoming covered in dust and it keeps the air circulating around your house clean. However, if your air filters are clogged, they reach a point where they’re not as effective as before, which might be the reason why you’re seeing more dust on the surfaces in your house.

4. Air Filters Look Dirty

Do a visual inspection of air filters. Do they look damaged or dirty? Wrinkles and holes may contaminate your unit, which affects the airflow in your house. If the air filters have dust and dirt on it, that’s another sign that it requires to be replaced. Clogged filters may restrict airflow and may force your unit to do more work than it has to.

5. Your Unit Is Too Hot

One of the clear signs that your air filters require replacing is when the unit is very hot. If your air filter is dirty, you might even feel warm air coming out of the unit’s back. Clogged filters force the air conditioner to work harder to keep your home cool. It’ll lead to frequent unit repairs and may shorten your unit’s lifespan. You can lessen your unit’s load by replacing your air filters on a regular basis.

6. You Suffer From More Allergy Attacks

Allergy sufferers must be diligent in terms of changing air filters. Pet dander and dust pollen cling to the air filter. If the air filter becomes more saturated with pollutants, they may get blown out or circulated in the air throughout your house. Because of this, you or your family members may suffer from allergy attacks more often. So, replace your air filters as soon as possible to keep your unit generating clean air.

7. Reduced Air Quality

If your air filters are dirty, you’re actually filling your home with unhealthy and dirty air. When it happens, it won’t just make you uncomfortable. Poor air quality can also affect your well-being. For instance, if your family members are experiencing more headaches than usual, or get sick more often or feel more tired, it may be due to a decrease in your air quality. To prevent this, you must replace your air filters as soon as possible.

are your air filters working? outside cover of air filter

Final Thoughts

Air filters aren’t the most complicated part of an HVAC system, but it may affect your unit’s efficiency and your home’s indoor air quality. Fortunately, by knowing the signs when to replace your air filters, you can easily avoid such problems.

If you’re confused with the available air filters in the market, always make sure to contact experts to help you and prioritize quality over price for more savings in the long run.

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